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Point2 Homes Top 30 Interior Design Companies

Dutch Touch Interiors listed among the

Top 30 Interior Design Companies in Calgary 2016!

Dutch Touch Interiors...

Why I Started DTI...


I began Dutch Touch Interiors (DTI) to serve homeowners in the best, most personal way possible.  I saw a need for high quality design solutions to be brought to the market in a way that truly celebrated the homeowner and her/his unique traits and personality.  My passion is serving my clients through thoughtful, creative and fun design solutions, creating an open line of communication resulting in the best designed spaces for each individual client.  I believe that well-created home environments are the foundation to happier individuals who are then able to better support their family and friends, serve their communities and live fuller, more engaged lives.


Why I Became A Designer...


When I was young, I struggled to bring my unique personality to the world and be seen for who I truly was.  I sought to create a space that allowed me to grow and to recharge, a safe haven in the storm of my childhood.  Interior design always spoke to me, though it took me years to realize why.  After pursuing studies in Manitoba, I began working in the retail design industry, growing my skills and my knowledge and ultimately, crafting my vision for a new kind of design company, one that was not about ego, but all about heart.

I believe that the best solutions are created when we put our heads and our hearts together and this is why I launched Dutch Touch Interiors.  Because I believe so strongly that homeowners deserve the right to paint your own personality into your home.  My goal at DTI is to partner with you, to be your guide, to help you along the path to discovering your own design voice and showing you how to implement it in your home.  My end game is to work with you to create unique, one-of-a-kind spaces because my mantra is beautiful, personal spaces.

With nearly 10 years experience in the design industry, I know what it takes to help my clients create a home that is truly as unique as their fingerprints.  I strive to draw out needed details on each home and it's inhabitants to deliver a result that surpasses my clients' expectations and makes them happy to be in their home.  I believe so passionately in my clients deserving a unique, personal home, I won't stop until I've helped you create it!


Let me help your home tell the story of who you are. 


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