"Save now! 99% off! Great Value!" ... Is it really?

Do you remember that moment when you finally felt like you were starting to get this whole adulting thing?  When you realize that you're making more responsible choices like planning a healthy lunch or not buying that great shirt because it's "such a good deal"?

Or, if you're like me, you're finally starting to figure out the whole money thing.  Interest rates, good debt vs bad debt (who knew there was a difference?!), borrowing to make money, etc.  After many, many years of feeling like I was doing it all wrong and always feeling 'behind', I finally feel like I'm starting to understand it!

Part of 'understanding it' also means that I'm learning the value of certain things.  For example, I grew up with the mantra "we don't have enough money" and "we can't afford that" so we always went inexpensive.  Not necessarily a bad thing, although as a kid it was tough to understand that the $20 Garfield binder was really no different in it's purpose than the $0.97 plain binder.  But as I grew older, I started to learn that there are some things that are worth spending a bit more on.  For example, rather than buy the cheapest shoes that would be wrecked in a couple months or would leave me sore and exhausted after a day on my feet, I could buy a better pair with better materials and more cushioning that lasted longer and helped me stay energetic through a long and busy day! They may not have been 70% off but spending the extra $40 gave me happier feet and a more productive day!  Hello value for dollars!

More for less please!

I think it's fair to say that everyone wants to have more for less - every commercial certainly says so!  And I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good deal!  But we also all know "If it's too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true."  I caution my clients when looking at where to save money to not cheap out on labour.  You can buy an inexpensive tile and have it look amazing with a great installer!  Or, you can buy really expensive tile and have it look like crap because you cheaped out on the labour.

Design is no different.  When considering the cost of hiring an experienced designer versus, say a design student, consider the value you are receiving for your dollar.  A professional designer has likely been doing this for a few years, meaning they have lots of experience to draw on.  Yes they cost more than someone straight out of school or, *gulp* someone with no training at all, but that cost is offset by the incredible value they offer.

Now Introducing Virtual Interior Design / Edesign Services!

This week, Dutch Touch Interiors is officially launching our edesign / virtual interior design program, tailored to homeowners not located in Calgary, Alberta or those on a more limited budget.  The best part of the virtual interior design packages is that you get the experience and eye of a trained designer plus a full design plan for your space for a much lower cost!  Talk about value for dollars!

If you are in Calgary and want to hire an interior designer in Calgary to come to your home, I definitely recommend you check out our service offerings.  But if you live somewhere else, like rural Saskatchewan or Manitoba, or even Wetaskiwin, AB, now you can enlist the help of a trained designer as well!

Get started creating a home you love - purchase one of our virtual interior design / edesign packages today!

Whether you design to engage a design package with us or not, just remember this:

"The only trend you need to follow is your own, because who you are never goes out of style."
- Dutch Touch Interiors
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