Who's the Star of the Show?

I love what I do.  Every day that I have the privilege to work with another amazing interior design client helping them to move a step closer to a home they love is an amazing day for me!  And with every client, I learn a little more, about people, about the creative process, about how we each spend time in our own homes.

I also love the opportunity to share the knowledge that I have!  Something that came up continually during the selections stage of a renovation I worked on recently was choosing what to highlight in the home.  If you're kind of a magpie like me, you get easily distracted by every shiny and sparkly item you see (Swarovski stores are my kryptonite!) and you may immediately find yourself wondering how you can work that lamp, side table, wallpaper (necklace, earrings, ring) into your home (or wardrobe :-P ).  For me, often reason wins out - our home is complete and my guy would not be so jazzed to have everything done in glitter!

But when you're working through a renovation, it's harder to know what to hold on to and what to leave behind.  So let me share with you a super easy way to hold true to the plan:

Choose the STAR, and have all the rest support that star.

What do I mean by star?  Let's take a kitchen for example.  There are lots of places to add fun, interesting, eye-catching elements in a kitchen.  You could have a really stunning exotic granite.  You could put in a drop dead gorgeous backsplash.  You could have pendant lights that look like jewelry dripping from the ceiling.  Those are just three options and lord knows, there's so many more possibilities!

I remind my clients often that if you have everything be a "stand out" piece, in the end, nothing stands out.  If we loaded a kitchen with the exotic granite, gorgeous backsplash and drool-worthy pendants, the eye does not know where to land so nothing sinks in.  If you absolutely fell in love with an exotic stone, let that stone be the star of the show!  Then partner all your other selections around it to support (not conflict) the stone.  Here's a great example:

Now in this case, the same granite on the island is also the main countertop and wrapped up as the backsplash but notice that all the other elements around are soft.  There are lovely but quiet pendant lights, the cabinetry is all white with very simple detailing, even the faucet & appliances are subtle - no standout colours or patterns on any of them.  This allows the stellar stone to really shine without creating a cacophony of visual noise in the space.

Another great example is this kitchen with a stunning backsplash:

Yes there is definitely movement on the counters (I would likely have suggested something a bit softer still) but the cream tones running through everything else allows the backsplash to stand up and be noticed without shouting over all the rest.  Ever try being the loudest person at a party?  It's annoying.

So when you're pulling together a space, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc, decide what is going to be the star of the show in that space and write all the rest as supporting actors.  Because nobody likes two loud people in a room!

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