Who Are Your Influencers?

Last week was a full and emotional week for yours truly.  After a full weekend tearing down the slopes at Big White, I found myself making travel arrangements immediately afterward to go back to Manitoba to say my final farewell to a woman who truly helped shape me into who I am today.  On the long hours on the road, I found myself wishing I had found the courage to tell her how much she had helped me over the years and to thank her for always believing in me.  She often had more faith in me than I did!

As I continued to ponder on this I began to think of the people that influence our lives and whether others find themselves, as I did, going to say goodbye without the opportunity to really tell someone how they impacted us.  And I began to wonder, who are other influencers in my life that I can honour TODAY by thanking them for their love, guidance, and absolute faith in me when I did not have any.  If I may, I'd like to take a moment to recognize them here and share with you how they impacted me.

Lois - My Second Mom

Sadly, this past Saturday, I was in Manitoba saying my final goodbye to Lois.  I grew up working on their farm; I began with babysitting the kidlets and eventually grew to be not only an all-around helper (from the kids to the cooking & cleaning to the orchard Lois started to harvest time and everything in between!), I grew to become part of the family.  Lois often referred to me as her 'second daughter' and when I struggled with my family's divorce as a young teen, or when everything fell apart in 2012, Lois came alongside me, lifted my chin and helped me to move forward.  

She is also the reason I pursued design.  When I was talking with her about finally being ready to go to university (I had taken three years off after high school), she asked me what I was going to study.  "Languages", I said.  "I think I'd like to be an interpreter."  She looked at me in the level, assessing way that she had and said, 'Have you thought about interior design?'  I still remember that conversation clear as day and telling her that I didn't think I could be a designer, I was a kid from a farm in rural Manitoba and what did I know about design anyway?  Again that level look and a very simple, 'Amy, you've been doing interior design all your life, you just didn't know it.'  How very right she was.

Jacquie - My Business Cheerleader

Pink Cheerleader | Dutch Touch Interiors

Three years ago, after moving to Calgary and working in a job that wasn't really suiting me, my guy's good friend Jacquie came over for dinner one evening and we were chatting about life and design and stuff.  Knowing I wasn't really happy where I was, Jacquie asked me if I had considered opening my own design firm.  I told her that that was in fact a dream I'd had for years but how could I start a business in a city where I didn't really know anyone?  She said, 'Well, when you're ready, I'll be your first client.'  And she was!

Jacquie has been believing in me and heartfully promoting my business since day 1 and her never-ending support truly means the world to me!  Thank you Jacquie!!!

Karen - My Growth Master

I have known Karen for a few years now and have in recent months had the privilege of getting to know her even better.  Karen has been coaching me since November 2016 and the personal growth I have experienced is astounding!  However, Karen's impact on me is more than that of our coaching sessions.  Karen also continues to push me and cheer me on to move through my discomfort to achieve greater levels of success in all areas of my life.  Most recently, she also asked me to author a chapter in her new book, I Am A Brilliant Woman Vol. 2 which comes out this summer!

Karen has shown me how to connect with my inner Brilliant Self and to see experiences in my past for what they are - opportunities to grow and expand.  She is an amazing woman and I am so grateful for her impact in my life!

Dave - My Love & Most Amazing Partner

To Me You're Perfect | Dutch Touch Interiors

Today celebrates four years since Dave and I met in person at Winnipeg Airport.  This is the only time I will mention him by name but this list would be vastly incomplete without him in it.  Since meeting Dave, my world has opened up 1000fold.  He is the strongest supporter of my dreams, he teaches me to move past my fears and go after what I want, and he does everything possible to be the most amazing partner anyone could ask for.  He is the level to my crazy, he's taught me how to ski like a boss, how to cut tile, and how to roll with the punches.

I am so blessed to have him in my life and am so grateful that four years ago, when he suggested we meet in person (after months of talking on the phone) I said yes.  I love him more than I knew was possible and hope to show him every day how amazing he is to me.

My Parents - My Early Teachers

I'm sure I could go for hours on end but I'll round out the list with my parents.  I have learned so much through the experience of having my mom and dad as my mom and dad and while some are painful, I can tell you that I inherited my drive, determination and independent spirit from both of them.  Both own their own businesses (apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that regard), both have carved out a life in a land where they knew no one and both have faced various adversities and grown out of them.

Who Are YOUR Influencers?

Influencer | Dutch Touch Interiors

I ask you now to think about who influenced YOUR life and to let them know how they did so.  Thank them for their impact in your growth and creation, for the amazing person you are today was crafted along the way by other amazing people who walked the trail with you, whether for a day, a month or a lifetime.

And, for fun, have a look around your home and see if you can pinpoint how one particular person may have influenced the look or feel of your home?

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