What's In A Chair?

An exciting event happened today!  My new chair that I ordered for my newly created ‘Inspiration Corner’ in my newly renovated office - arrived today! The renovation of my office was timed perfectly in my year last year as it came at the end of the year.  I had had two good working years in my office up until that point and as my business has grown, I realized I needed more space to layout sample options for projects, more space to work on my desk and easier access to resource materials.  Keeping the same furnishings as before, I reworked the layout to create solutions to the issues I had identified.  What that left me with was a nice, open corner to the right of my desk and rather that ‘just fill it’, I decided I wanted that corner to be about inspiration, creation and gratitude. And I wanted a chair.

What's In A Chair?

Having decided that I would like to add a chair to my little creation room, I now needed to determine WHAT KIND of chair I wanted.  A slipper chair?  A tub?  A cute little Parson chair?  Did I want it tufted and rich or natural and knotty?  Let’s break them down.

Slipper Chair

According to Mary Gilliatt’s Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design, a slipper chair is “a small, useful upholstered chair with a low seat most often used beside fireplaces and in bedrooms.”  A simple armless chair, the slipper chair look really elegant in large, formal spaces and, if upholstered in the right fabric, can add a little punch to a bedroom as well.  Traditionally, slipper chairs sit lower to the ground which can be frustrating if you’re taller than 5’4”.  I’ve seen all varieties from the extremely simple with a neutral fabric, squared off legs and no detailing, to very rich ones with a curved over back, turned legs, and tufted details along the back or sides.  Here's a few examples:

Parson Chair

Very similar to a Slipper chair, a Parson chair is what I would dub the ‘dining version of a slipper chair’.  The style of a Parson chair varies greatly.  It can have a wooden back and legs, an upholstered back, it can be skirted to the floor or upholstered all the way down.  It can be tufted, have nail head details, a ring on the back, curved back…. the list goes on and on.  What is consistent is that typically a Parson chair is at the height needed for a dining table (seat height at approximately 18-20” from the floor).  These chairs can be used around a dining table, naturally, but they also make great chairs for a desk, a small corner in your living room or hallway, or even a place to perch in an ensuite.  Very versatile creatures, a true Parson chair also typically does not have arms.

Tub Chair

Like it’s name, a Tub chair is a small round chair, shaped, I suppose, like tubs of old.  The back wraps around the sides to become the arms and down the sides to the base of the chair.  These chairs often have a swivel option because they can be upholstered right down to the floor though my favourites typically have legs.  The shape of this chair varies very little and a chair with no added details still looks really stunning in any space.  Because the Tub chair is typically on the smaller side, if you like a roomier chair, this may not be the best pick for you.  Before purchasing one of these, be sure to either try it out or make note of the proportions so you feel comfortable sitting in it.

A Plethora of Options...

When it comes to chairs, there are so many options available.  I could talk about all of them but that'd take too long, and we'd both get bored.  There were a few others I briefly thought about, like the bouncy recliner from IKEA (because that is currently just hanging out in the other room here), a deeper club chair which I dismissed due to the proportions, and of course, some of the really stunning high backed chairs that aren't generally very comfortable but are drop dead gorgeous to me!

Is That Your Final Answer?

Decision time.  It didn't take me that long to know what I wanted.  About an hour after I started looking at possible options I realized that I didn't want something as high as a Parson chair...

...and I did want to have arms so a Tub chair was out...

...I didn't want to take the chair out of my guy's office in case he wanted to lounge in it...

...so that really left one option that hit all the points I wanted and fit the budget.

And The Winner Is....

This sweet little tub chair I found online is the perfect size for the corner in my office.  And it fits me beautifully!  As it came with the little ottoman, I now have a fabulous chair for reading or researching, or for when someone pops in for a visit mid-day!  It was perfectly on budget and arrived in just over a week.

Take Away...

Whether you have a newly created space (like mine) in your home that you're looking to put something in or you want to replace existing furniture, do look around before just picking something up.  And, once you know what you want and you've established your budget, often you can find the perfect addition to your home.

As always, thank you for reading!  If you know someone who is currently thinking of buying a new piece of furniture or who has been struggling trying to find something, please send this through.  It may give them just the inspiration they need!

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