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I swear design magazines, blog posts, internet ads, anything that has "Design Trends for 20XX" jump out at me with the same energy and volume of the old school paper boys on wooden crates in the street.  In October I gave you a preview of a few coming trends and some you'll see reiterated below.  And if you’ve been following my blog at all you’ll know that I’m not big on designing ‘on trend’, however,  I certainly like to keep an eye on what’s in, what’s big, what’s coming and what’s “so last year”.  And then I like to share my favs with you!  Inspired by House & Home’s trend report, here are my top 3 of the 'what's hot' list that I both love and I think are most easily applied to your home.

Mirrored Coffee Tables

Mirrored furniture had a bit of a coming out a few years ago and then seemed to drop off a bit.  New streamlined mirror tables are hitting the market and what I love about them is that they actually help open up a space, without going all 80’s style floor to ceiling bronze mirroring.  I will advise that mirrored tables (and really all fully mirrored furniture) are best for spaces that do not house young kidlets or pooches.  Hello handprints and doggy drool!  But if you are post-kids or sans dependents all together, this is a great way to open up a space, big or small, and add a little subtle sparkle into your home.

Dissolving Floors

I saw this at a design show in Edmonton last fall and H&H has also identified this as a trend to watch - the merged floor.  Typically consisting of wood and tile, the effect is a blurring of boundaries as you move into (or out of) a space that benefits from tile (like a bathroom or kitchen) toward a space where a warmer material like wood is nice (think living room, hallway, bedroom).  I would not suggest this trend if you are a DIY-er as it requires a lot of skilled precision, nor would I suggest this for the budget-conscious.  If you’ve decided to employ this beautiful integration of materials, be sure to hire a pro and one who has stellar references.

Vive la Français!

No sooner had I seen this trend in H&H’s publication than I ran into it face first at Pier 1 the other day.  Seems some of the bolder colours that have graced design shops for a few years (think bright yellows, fresh greens, va-va-pink) are making way for a more subtle shade in French Blue.  Think of deep ocean blue meets ashen grey.  This is a much softer blue than the bold navy’s and jewel-toned hues we’ve seen in the past and offers a gorgeous new option over the standard grey.  Here are a few colour options that run within the French Blue spectrum.

Side note, while Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 is a fresh green, H&H’s choices fell on the much more subdued side.  My advice is not to let colour trends decide your own palette but to use your own inner compass and the character and light of your home to help you create a palette that is all your own.  That said, accent pieces are a fun and interesting way to add different colours into your home without committing to it big time.  I love the little bulldog!

DTI's Fav Inspirations

I love seeing other projects, not just because I’m a design dork, but also because I love to see how someone else solves an interesting problem or creates an intriguing element.  One that really stood out to me was this wrap around shelving.  Following the wall from the living area into the kitchen, with a 45 degree support in between, this fun and airy feature creates continuity. 

Another was test-tube spices.  In our house we only use a handful of spices due to dietary constraints and no matter how carefully I shake, the pepper shaker gets me every time.  This neat little trick gives me all my spices right at hand and eliminates the awful pepper sneezes.  And, because it’s glass, you can see exactly what you need and the cork keeps it fresh!  Win win! 

Lastly, and some of you have heard me encourage you to give this one a go, mix metals.  Traditionally we have seen spaces with just one type of metal - if you have a chrome faucet, you need chrome handles and chrome light fixtures and chrome etc etc.  While I would caution you to select carefully on the fixed elements of your home, what I love seeing is a mix of metals in the decor of your home.  Bust out a gorgeous copper side table with a chrome lamp and some brass accent pieces.  Or keep your brass lamps, update the shade and add some sparkly silver cushions to your sofa.  This one is tricky for some of you because it does require you to step out of your matchy-matchy tendency but I promise you’ll love it and the pop it creates will have your visitors chatting long after they leave!  To get your creative juices flowing, here's a few fun accessories that quickly add a bit of glitz and depth to your home!

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