Transition to Fall With Tips From Nate Berkus

Technically fall began on Friday though I always feel like fall snaps into place September 1st every year.  The morning after my birthday always has a freshness to it, a crisp, newly sharpened pencil feel in the air.  Transitioning your home to fall and the impending cozy evenings spent at home with your loved ones doesn't have to be costly or exhausting.  Here are a few tips celebrity designer Nate Berkus swears by:

Keep Your Favourite Things!

 Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for  Nate Berkus

Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for Nate Berkus

Even though new fall catalogues are coming out in droves this month, Nate doesn't suggest replacing all your accessories.  Instead, he says, "For me, it’s very much the same philosophy (as fashion): You don’t ditch your favorite khakis and jeans or even your favorite T-shirt when fall or winter comes around, but you do have the opportunity to layer.  Fall is by far my favorite season, only because you get to wear the hat, you get to wear a cardigan, and you get to wear your favorite cashmere crewneck, and I think the home is kind of the same way.”

Amen to that!  I love pulling on a bulky sweater over jeans or my favourite pair of stretchy pants and finally pulling my favourite hats out of the closet again.  Or tossing a chic cardigan over my favourite summer t-shirt.  When it comes to your home, don't feel you need to ditch your fav pieces, just add a little fall flair to what you already have.  Pull out that knitted throw you tucked away while it was +30C and drape it over your chair or sofa.  If you have two-toned cushions, turn the softer colour out for fall and leave the brighter colour as a little accent peaking out the back.

Make Small Affordable Decor Updates

 Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for  Nate Berkus

Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for Nate Berkus

Reiterating his earlier point, Nate doesn't suggest replacing a whole heap of things.  Rather, use the fresh season to add a little richness into the mix.  Something as easy as adding a deeper colour hand towel into your powder room can make a huge impact.  

“Change the hardware on the chest of drawers that you have in your bedroom (or are using as a console in the dining room) to something that has agate or bronze, or something that feels very handmade.” - Nate Berkus

Get Your Metal On!

 Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for  Nate Berkus

Image Credit:  Julie Holder Photography for Nate Berkus

We've seen metals taking over the design scene in a big way the last couple years, and mixing your metals is a great way to add a curated flair to your space.  Easily incorporate more metals into your space through a chic candle holder in a polished brass or collect a mix of metal objects from around the house in a wooden bowl for an instant splash of texture in your room.  Toss in a couple large pinecones and all your friends will wonder where you found that amazing centerpiece!

Enjoy the Moody Weather

 Image Credit:   Nate Berkus

Image Credit:  Nate Berkus

Just because it's getting dark out earlier and the weather is turning a bit gloomier with impending snowflakes, doesn't mean you need to feel depressed!  Embrace the inherent coziness of this time of year.  As Nate states, "It’s about developing a habit of turning on floor lamps and table lamps, and lighting candles.  Allow yourself to really appreciate the coziness that comes from dusk in the autumn as opposed to railing against it. There’s something really lovely about just accepting the seasons and catering to them through design.”

He goes on to suggest putting a table lamp in that dark corner of your living room and turn it on around 4:30 so when you walk into the room later, it's already filled with a warm glow.  Even better, I suggest you put that bad boy on an electronic timer so it turns on all on it's own and you can set it to turn off whenever you like.  Also good as a security feature, FYI.

Keep Loving Your Home!

How will you keep loving your home this fall?  Be sure to tell me in the comment section of the blog!

To read a few more tips from Mr. Berkus, click here.  And whether you employ his tips and tricks or not, or add any of the details we've discussed above, be sure to love your home through all the seasons.  And if you don't love your home now and would like some help to create a space you love coming home to, connect with me today to see how we can work together!

As always, thank you for reading and if you found this useful or insightful, please pass it along to others and invite them to sign up for the blog!

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