To Sofa or To Sectional? That Is The Question...

I'm working on a living room refresh this week in a condo just south of downtown.  The client has a wonderfully modern design aesthetic and a cat that doesn't seem to like leather (or loves it for it's scratching post).  As I began pulling together the pieces we need to create a beautiful, welcoming space for this social client, I found myself considering the age old question of sofa or sectional?

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To be clear, this project cannot support a sectional, nor does the client want one, but whenever I find myself sourcing living room furniture, I find my design brain bouncing the options like an old school weigh scale.

Pros & Cons...

To help break down the pros and cons of sofas and sectionals, I put together these handy infographics:

Interior Design Calgary, Home Decor & House Plans | Sofa Pros and Cons | Dutch Touch Interiors
Interior Design Calgary, Home Decor & House Plans | Sectional Pros and Cons | Dutch Touch Interiors

Boiling It Down...

In truth, depending on which side of the fence you sit, most of us have a predisposition to one or the other.  However, it truly comes down to your space and the way you live.  If you prefer a more casual, come-sit-awhile space with smaller groups of close friends and family, a sectional is a great way to go.  If you like to have more personal space and you like the ability to change your room from time to time, a sofa is a better fit for you.

As for my condo client, a condo sized sofa will likely win out as it is a bit smaller that a full size sofa (often about 12" shorter in overall length) and allows us to add in a couple accent chairs, which this client really likes.  Plus, having accent chairs allows more seating while still keeping main traffic routes open.

What Do You Like?

Which do you prefer in your home?  A sofa with all it's flexibility?  Or a sectional with it's inherent cozy atmosphere?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  This topic is never a neutral one!


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