Think you can't afford a custom piece? Think again!

Ok, I'm officially declaring April the Money Month!  If you haven't yet, be sure to file your taxes asap as your deadline is fast approaching!

Last week we talked about how to go about putting together a budget.  This week, I want to chat about the option of a custom piece versus finding something 'off the rack'.  99% of the time when I chat with clients about adding a custom piece to their design, the first comment is, "I don't have the budget for a custom piece."  Truth is, in almost all budgets, if done carefully, there can definitely be room for something custom!

Why I like 'Off the Rack'

First, I just want to say that I love off the rack products.  By 'off the rack' I mean anything you can buy in a store or online.  When I'm putting together a design for a client, I use a mix of locally sourced and virtually sourced items.  While I always want to support my fellow local businesses, sometimes we need to save a little extra to get the look we're working towards.  Other times, I cannot find the style or specific item the client is looking for locally so I hit my fav websites to find it for them.

The great thing about finding something off the rack is you know exactly what you're getting (if you're looking online, be sure to read the reviews!  Pass on anything less than 3 stars).  You get to see it and touch it in person (if shopping a bricks and mortar store) and you instantly have sense of scale of the item.

The Case for Custom

"Custom" is a scary word for most people because it usually looks like this to them:

Custom = Expensive

Yes, a custom item will cost a little more because it's being tailor-made for you, however, you can add small custom items into a design to make the whole thing look amazing!  In these two bedroom makeovers, both have a custom piece. 

In the first, we did a custom headboard and bedframe - much more costly than the ones we found online but we balanced that cost across our other items and we created it in such a way that it could grow with the client if they decided it was time for a king bed versus a queen.

In the second, we reupholstered an elegant little storage bench (unfortunately not pictured), making it 'custom' and perfectly marrying the style of the room together.  It was a small piece so not too costly, but still, custom!

The benefit of a custom piece is that it can become the unifying piece to a design.  It can be something as simple as a cushion, done in a fabric that pairs all the colours together into a pattern.  It can be drapery.  It could be a custom valance to dress the window.  Heck, it could be a piece of art that you painted just for that room!

Custom purely means "tailored to suit" and the 'expensive' connotation can easily be mitigated.

So next time you're working on a design and someone mentions the word 'custom' to you, don't be alarmed!  Pairing custom pieces with off the rack items creates a unique space that you truly won't find anywhere else!

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