24 Hour Makeover (Where is the camera crew?!)

Has there ever been or is there now a space in your home that just makes you cringe whenever you walk into it, by it or even think about it?  Maybe it's not even your space (hello kids rooms!) but it just drives you crazy?

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Two weeks ago I set out on an impromptu 24 hour surprise makeover of my guy's office after hearing his frustration that he didn't feel like he had a space he could relax in our home.  For me, it's our living room - I love the light from all our windows and that I can see everything going on inside and outside our home.  Plunk me down with my iPad and a glass of water and I'm a happy camper.

For my guy, however, as much as he loves to be in that space with me, he doesn't go to the living room to just 'chill out'.  He loves to read up on tech news, see new developments in the building industry around the globe and watch aircraft videos on YouTube and all of these activities take place on his laptop.  And despite it's name ('lap'-top), he cannot sit on the couch and do those things comfortably.

The Space...

So we are very lucky as we each have our own office even though we don't have a huge home.  That of yours truly is headquarters for Dutch Touch Interiors - and I've crafted it to feel light, airy, welcoming and creative.  But the office of Mr. Man was a hodgepodge of desks, random furnishings and various *crap* that had accumulated there [I'd like to take this opportunity to state for the record that yours truly had not brought any of those *items* in].  Altogether an unhappy and unwelcoming space, certainly not a place one could go to relax.

The Challenge...

The challenge for this space was two-fold:

  1. As a small space (roughly 8'x9'), there wasn't a lot of room to put in a lot of organizational furniture [to help with the aforementioned *crap*].
  2. Since we just renovated our home AND went on an amazing 4 week vacation, money was TIGHT.

Spatial Requirements...

Anytime we'd talked about what we'd like to do with this office 'one day', we both agreed it would be great to have a daybed in there for when we have a lot of overnight guests.  My guy also wanted to be able to sit and read on occasion.  And of course, being that it IS an office, he obviously needed space to work, file all his papers away and create a general sense of organization.

"Have a great day at work babe!"

Enlisting the help of a great friend who lives close by, this 24 hour makeover began the evening before with a trip to IKEA and two coats of stain on an unfinished wood desk that we already had and was the perfect scale to counterpoint the soon-to-be-purchased daybed.

The next morning, I sent Mr. Man off to work with a hug and a kiss and as soon as the door closed behind him, my buddy and I got started.  Our list of tasks:

  1. Remove all the furniture and 'stuff' currently in the room.
  2. Replace the light fixture.
  3. Clear coat the desk stained the night before (3 coats minimum).
  4. Build the daybed.
  5. Build the shelf - this required pulling two boards off our aging fence in the backyard (already slated for replacement), trimming them down and cleaning them up with a quick powersand and cleaning up the plumbing pipe and brackets to support the shelf.
  6. Style the bed and shelf.
  7. Bring back the desk that had been curing (it wasn't the recommended three days but we had a deadline!).
  8. Final finishing details - paperwork, chairs, laundry baskets - all needed to go back in the space in a relatively tidy manner.
  9. Clean up!

And because we didn't have enough going on, our day also included a trip to my guy's work to pick up a few powertools that had been left in his car, some extra accessories at HomeSense and one more trip to IKEA to pick up a few things I forgot the night before.

The Reveal...

My 24 hours of craziness were well-rewarded when I see how happy my guy is now in his new space.  It feels bright and airy and not nearly as cramped as before and he now has a place where he can chill out with a good book if he so desired.  He can close the door and be lost in his own world as long as he wants (or until it's time to eat lol).

You may notice that there isn't any artwork up.  Part of the reason is that we ran out of time; moreover, as it is his office, I wanted to give my guy space to put up what inspired him.  Once it goes up, watch the Instagram page and I'll post an update for you!

"Sure, Amy, it's easy for you, you're a designer!"

True, having a designer for a girlfriend is a huge plus for my guy and yes, it is easier for me to visualize and craft spaces than most.  However, if you're thinking right now about that space we talked about earlier (you know, the one that turns you from Happy Maggie to Cranky Pants Katie) and wishing you could afford to have someone help you turn it into a fabulous space I'd like to tell you that it is possible!

Until December 15, 2017 ONLY, I've launched two test products that will help you create an amazing space ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and for less than $600!  To access this amazing opportunity, you have to sign up for the DTI News as it is only available to subscribers of the newsletter.

This office makeover was a perfect example of just how I can help you create a room of your dreams but you have to act now if you want the deal!  By midnight on December 15th, 2017, this crazy good offer will no longer be available so get on it and sign up today!

As always, thanks for reading and if you think this would be helpful for someone else, please forward this email to them!

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