Rolling in the Green!

When I think of green, I think of the rolling hills of Ireland.  I think of flying into the Netherlands and seeing the green fields below.  I think of hot summer days spent at my favorite park in Winnipeg with a good book.  When I try to picture green, I see something growing, a tree, a garden, grass.  What I don't picture very often, is green in our interiors.  That is not to say I haven't used the color in a home but in the past, it has held an aged quality to me.  I remember mint green rooms in older homes.  Perhaps that is your association too.

That said, green is the  most restful color to the human eye.  We can also discern more shades of green than any other color.  It is the color of nurturing, of renewing and restoring depleted energy.  It gives us a sanctuary away from modern day stresses, restoring our sense of well-being 1.  It is also one of the most prevalent colors in nature.  I don't know anybody who doesn't love getting outside and taking in fresh green growth.  The first buds in summer, green carpets of grass springing back to life, fields a few weeks after planting showing a rich green blanket of new growth.  Green is the color of balance and harmony.

Designer Kelly Wearstler notes, "Green is such an amazing, confident color.  It's life-giving, and it makes me think of nature, health and vitality." (Lisa Cregan's 'House Beautiful Color').

Do I have you dreaming of summertime yet?

In Practice...

  Houzz  - Maria Killam - Vancouver

Houzz - Maria Killam - Vancouver

In this gorgeous open living space, the soft mossy accent color really gives the big area a comfortable, restful feeling.  As the kitchen is open to this area, it still has a great view beyond the glass without having heavy accents drawing the eye away from the view.  And framing the big panes of glass are subtle, color-blocked drapes, with the green nicely grounding the tall wall.

  Houzz  - Kristin Drohan Collection & Interior Design - Atlanta

Houzz - Kristin Drohan Collection & Interior Design - Atlanta

In this living space, the designer has used black and charcoal to really punch out the green, all the while staying to a deeper shade of green.  The patterns on the cushions, rug and drapery keeps the green from being too overwhelming and the detail of the green on the inside of the bookcases is one of my favorite things to do in design!  It really sets off the items displayed on the shelves without sucking the light out of the niches.

  Houzz  - Evars & Anderson Interior Design - San Francisco

Houzz - Evars & Anderson Interior Design - San Francisco

In this vibrant bedroom the designers offset the rich emerald with hits of deep blue and white.  Keeping the details simple and adding small bits of pattern and texture give the room a classic feel while the zebra print rug adds just that little bit of fun.

  Houzz  - Barker O'Donoghue Master Builders - San Francisco

Houzz - Barker O'Donoghue Master Builders - San Francisco

I love everything about this room!  From the refinished douglas fir flooring to the rich Irish green on the walls to the casual seating arrangement by the fire.  This room oozes warmth and comfort and feels like I'm almost sitting outside in a rainforest!  The white on the ceiling, moldings, accents and doors helps the room stay airy while beautifully framing the bold color on the walls.

Get Inspired...

Row on row: Folly #MQ3-46 - Behr Marquee; Stem Green #2029-40 - Benjamin Moore; Misted Fern #CC-668 - Benjamin Moore; Fresh Lime #2032-30 - Benjamin Moore; Bonsai #CC-666 - Benjamin Moore; Billiard Table #S-H-490 - Behr.

From soft, light greens that add just a touch of the hue into your home, to the bright fresh lime color ideal for teenagers rooms, sunny breakfast nooks or a pop of color in your powder room, to the deeper toned options, these shades of green can be incorporated into a multitude of areas in your home.

I noted in my earlier blog about the color blue that blue is the most favorite color world wide.  Green is the second most favorite color.  It is showing up in design trends in pale shades this year but remember, you should always design and decorate your home based on it's most amazing asset - YOU!

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