Project Profile - From Blah to Beach!

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When my favourite client approached me a few weeks ago to help turn her guest bedroom from 'blah' to something that suited her upscale home, of course I jumped at the chance!  With a snug budget, creativity and frugality were required in equal measure to ensure that we brought together a beautiful room within our means.

Within Your Means...

Let's chat about this for just a moment.  One of the most common fears I hear expressed from potential clients is that a designer is going to drive their project over what they can afford, or, even worse, berate them for having a small budget.  While I cannot speak for other designers, the reality is that however generous your budget, with a spoonful of creativity and a sprinkling of determination, most projects can be brought together on or under a reasonable budget.  By 'reasonable' I mean, have a realistic scope of work and design style for the money you have available.  Do not think you can do a full bathroom renovation with high end materials for $8000 unless you're doing all the work yourself.  Be ready to give and take on your needs and wants to achieve a finished look on budget.

Give & Take...

When I'm presented with a budget, no matter the size, it is my job to determine where we can give and take within those parameters.  Meaning, perhaps we take a bit more of the budget to put in a stunning tile or piece of furniture, and we give from another place of the budget by using a lower cost alternative on, say, flooring or lighting.  There is always play until the moment we agree to 'PURCHASE'.

In the case of this guest bedroom, I decided to 'give' a bit on items like bedding and table lamps so we could 'take' a bit towards side tables & a headboard.  In order to do this, I needed to get creative with where we sourced items from.

"Online" - A Trim Budget's Best Friend!

Like most people, I like to buy local.  It is important to support our local economies and business owners (like me!) but sometimes we need to look elsewhere in order to bring together a space on budget.  One of my favourite places to start (and often finish) online is  Founded in 2002 by a couple guys from Boston, Wayfair came on to my radar about 8 months ago after a client was asking about it.  What I love about it is that you can find something to suite every budget, and the targeted searching is a designer's best friend!  I've ordered a few pieces for my own home from the site and they came on time or early and in great shape!  Plus, a fantastic feature for this project in particular is the free shipping.  Saving the cost of shipping large items meant we could squeeze more out of the dollars we had.

Sourced Locally...

To round out our project, I was able to find a few fantastic pieces at the local Home Sense.  In fact, it was while I was sourcing product in local stores that the inspiration struck that helped me bring this whole project together!

Bringing It Together...

Having sourced two fully serviced, fantastic options for my client, our next step was to sit down with the decision makers and determine what would make the cut and what wouldn't.  After 2 hours, we had curated all the items for our 'new' guest bedroom and, taxes in, we came $10 under budget!  The online products have been purchased and are on their way and the local items have been picked up and are ready to be set in place!  While the project is not yet ready, I'll share with you three key items for the space to give you an idea of how you can play with your budget.

Key Item #1 - Set the Tone with a 'Beachy' Headboard

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As our design inspiration word was 'beach' the first key element to bring together was a statement piece that echoed that sentiment.  While there were a few options to consider, like these ones below, this one came out the winner and, with it's more than reasonable price, gave us some room for a few snazzy side tables!

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Key Item #2 - Bring In The Glam!

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Though our design word was 'beach', my client has a heart for glam details and tying in to the custom made piece of art we were using as inspiration for this room, this stunning side table brings a touch of 'glam' into our beachy bedroom!  We tested out a few other options in the decision stage, shown here:

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Key Item #3 - Light It Up!

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Stretching her design boundaries a bit, we opted for two different table lamps for this room.  Bringing in the beach vibe again, this coral lamp echoes the natural material of the headboard and keeps the scale of the room to a comfortable, approachable size.  A few other options we considered were:

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In the end we brought together a fabulous guest room on budget and in style!  Stay tuned for before and after images to see how all these pieces come together!


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