Ooo! Where'd You Get That.... Tile?!

Last week I spoke about budget and the difference between reality and HGTV.  I thought this week I would share with you some beautiful, BUDGET-FRIENDLY tile options!

Always On The Lookout...

God bless my guy!  He is so patient when we are out, well, anywhere!  A simple trip to Rona, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, can become an inspiring outing for yours truly.  While I see more product when I am doing a dedicated search for a client, I still swing by the decor aisles of every day stores to see what's new, what's out and what their prices are.

On one such outing, I discovered these gorgeous tiles!  I may be able to find them through my regular suppliers, but you can pick these babies up at Home Depot!

Trend Alert!  Hexagons!!

These absolutely stunning tiles are backpainted glass!  Taking inspiration from the beautiful concrete style hexagon tiles (which are fabulous for floors!) these beauties create visual depth and interest all at the same time!  I've often suggested glass tiles in projects as glass creates the most intriguing depth that a standard tile simply cannot offer.  And, at $20 a square foot, these are more than reasonable for an accent tile or even a full backsplash!

Historical Flair

Coming in at only $2.80/pc (roughly $17/sq.ft.) this beveled antiqued mirror tile is drop dead gorgeous!  If you don't already know, I used an antique mirror subway tile in our upstairs bath and in order to convince my guy to put it in, I actually paid for it myself (his house, his renovation, my 36 pcs of tile lol).  The mirrored tile I sourced cost more than all the rest of the subway tile for the shower!  At less than $3 a piece, everyone can have this stunning look!

More Than Marble...

Marble tile as stunning as this often comes at a price but you can pick up this beauty at only $17.98/sq.ft.!  And the visual effect of the shaded varieties is really gorgeous!  Use this to accent the back of shower niches, as an accent above a cooktop or be bold and use it as a full backsplash or wall tile in your bathroom!  For less than $20 a square foot you get variety and drama all at once!

Where Will YOU Use It?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the tiles above!  Where would you love to see it installed?  Would you be bold enough to tile a wall of your bathroom (or 2 or 3)?  Do you prefer the coloured hexagons rather than the monotones?  Maybe you know someone looking for just this kind of visual pop!  If you do, send this post on through!


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As always, thank you for reading and may you be inspired in your very own beautiful, personal spaces!

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