July DIY - Removable Wallpaper!

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope you've been out enjoying the spoils of summer - sunshine, fresh flowers, green grass!

Since I've dubbed July 'DIY month', let's chat wallpaper.  Not the classic kind - the one that needs to be pasted into place; the fabulous new DIY-friendly kind, that you can hang in an hour or two!  Wallpaper has had a tough time the last 10-15 years.  We all remember steaming, washing, scraping off wallpaper, often with some kind of hideous pattern on it.  (I do sometimes wonder if in 20 years people will look back at the interiors we're creating today and shudder! lol)  The new removable wallpaper makes all that steaming and scraping truly a thing of the past!

As I haven't yet installed removable wallpaper myself (and I do like to share my own tips and tricks with you) I'm relying on the experiences of others as to how easy it is.  I must say, from what I've seen and read, I can do it on a Saturday afternoon!  Also, I'm now jonesing for a project to try it on.  We'll see what my guy thinks about it...

Is it really as easy as 1-2-3?

Well, there are a couple more steps but basically, yes!  Depending on where you're hanging the paper and what pattern you've chosen, your initial prep instructions may vary slightly.  You will need a few tools:

  • Level - 2' or longer would be preferred
  • Pencil
  • Flat plastic scraper - be sure there are no sharp points along the edge
  • Sharp craft or Olfa knife (I prefer this one with the BLACK blades)
  • Ruler or straight edge

Each manufacturer will have their own instructions but step 1 is generally to draw a plumb vertical line (use your level to ensure it is plumb).  Do not assume your trim, wall corners, built ins, etc are plumb.  99% of the time, they are off anywhere from 1/32" to 1/2"+.  The older your home, the less square everything is.

Step 2, peel away the top 3-6" of paper from the backing, being careful that it doesn't fold onto itself.  According to this site, they suggest allowing a few inches to overlap onto the ceiling to trim off later.  Line up the paper to your plumb line and carefully tack it in place.  You'll want to smooth from the centre outward as you continue to pull the backing off and stick the paper to the wall so you get rid of any air bubbles.

Step 3, continue with the rest of your panels until your wall is fully papered.

Step 4, square off and trim your excess edges, around electrical boxes, etc.

Step 5 - step back and admire!

Check out these links for more indepth, step by step installation instructions:

  1. Wallpops.com
  2. apartmenttherapy.com
  3. apartmenttherapy.com - Tips on removing your removable wallpaper!

Time to shop!

Now that you know it's relatively easy to install, let's check out a few great sources for fabulous removable wallpapers!  Prices vary, but the key thing to remember is cost vs. quality.  Lower cost options (such as potentially available at your local HD, Rona or Lowes) may not remove as easily down the road.


Started in NYC in 2008, Tempaper notes all their products are made in the US.  Shop their stunning patterns like these:


If you want more graphic papers at a reasonable price, check out Chasing Paper.  A few of our fav designs:


I can't get enough of the fabulous designs The Wallsticker Company has to offer!  Somewhere, this gorgeous rose HAS to find a home in my house!

Not just for walls!

Get creative with these easy to install patterns.  Dress up your drawers, create a stairway to heaven, reach for the sky!  Because they're easy to put up and take down, you can play with all the surfaces in your home!

With such fabulous and contemporary designs, a variety of price points and the ease of installing and removing it yourself, why not add wallpaper into your home?

Love the ideas you see here but not sure how to implement them in your own home?  Book your Calgary interior design session with us today!  Reading a bit further away?  Check out our edesign options.

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