Interior Design Calgary: What's Going On With YOU?

Well I have to admit, publishing blog posts has been a challenge these past few months, partly because life is so busy with the renovation and business, and partly because my brain is hiding it's ideas (I know they're in there, just waiting for them to appear).

But I want to stay in touch with you so I thought I'd make this blog post about you!  I want to know what your challenges are, in your home and in life in general.  I want to hear your successes and celebrate them with you!  Really, I just want to hear from you!

As I said, it's been really busy on my end.  Our renovation is steadily moving forward.  We have a working kitchen on the main floor now (YAY!) and are just moving around to get the last details in place, like the backsplash.  But that can't be installed until the window trim is in place and the window trim is currently in the garage patiently waiting to be painted.  Yours truly put the first coat on yesterday; hopefully the second coat will go on tomorrow.

However, we have a working dishwasher (double YAY!), two working sinks, our undercabinet and pendant lights are installed and working nicely and just this weekend we finished putting all the cabinet trim in place.  So headway is being made.

I am learning I cannot serve two bosses and as business is growing (triple YAY!) I'm stepping back from the renovation a bit to fully serve my clients.  Current projects include two bathroom renovations, plus finishing details for a friend who moved into a new home.

Tonight I launch the very first Dutch Touch webinar, another big marker for me, and over the weekend I paid out the very first referral bonus!

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So now that you're all caught up with me, I'd so love to hear from you.  The best conversations involve at least two people so comment on this post or email me directly at  Have I mentioned I'd love to hear from you?  ;P

Until then, I wish you the very best day ahead and a wonderful week to come!

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