Interior Design Calgary: Drapery, Details and Delights!

So today I was down at my fabric supplier, one of my most favorite places as they always manage to take my ideas from concept to reality, and as I looked around, I realized just how many options there are for drapery hardware - and I was inspired!  Quite literally, you can pretty much find anything you imagine and then some.  There's crystal and chrome, bronze and scrolling, brass and bold, plain and highly detailed.  I wanted to share a few of them with you to help you start imagining what you may be able to implement in your own home!

 Joanne Fabrics - Evolutions Silver

Joanne Fabrics - Evolutions Silver

Glitterati Baby!

If you are a glitter girl (or guy), there are some really fabulous options out there for you.  Here's a few that I love and have in fact used in client's home who wanted that little extra something.

Tried and True Traditional

Not all of us are glitteraties and for those of us who trend more to stately, traditional homes, these finials are better in line with that style.

A Little Au Naturale?

In an era when anything and everything goes, and a resurgence of natural materials is hitting the design market, it's interesting to see these finials coming out.  These are fantastic for those who like from-the-earth, touchable materials in their homes and are great in a cottage country space.

In Practice...

Houzz - Leslie Fine Interiors - Boston

In this beautiful, coastal-coloured home, the designer used crystal finials with white poles and brackets to accentuate the lovely drapery.  The basket-weave drapes are decor only with a sheer in behind to be closed for privacy.

  Houzz  - Historical Concepts - Atlanta

Houzz - Historical Concepts - Atlanta

In this high end country-styled space, the designer kept the drapery details simple, using a classic bronze ball finial.  The ease of use of the ball finials is a huge draw for spaces that either already have enough design details or for the homeowner who likes simple, clean lines.

Houzz - Traci Connell Interiors - Dallas

In this stunning home the designer stayed to cleaner, more masculine lines.  The beautifully detailed and yet simple finials and hardware echo the overall effect of the space - clean, classic, contemporary.

In Your Home...

Even if you already have drapery installed in your home, changing out the hardware is reasonably easy to do.  One note of caution: finials typically are matched to specific hardware.  Buying high end finials to put on low end, off-the-shelf discount hardware will not work.  Not only will your finishes be different but the finials may not even attach properly to the rod.  While it is a bit of an investment, the beauty is in the details.  Splurge on beautiful hardware and you can pull off off-the-shelf drapery like a pro!