I AM A Brilliant Woman! Volume 2

If you follow my social pages (Facebook, Instagram) you'll likely have heard about the book I helped author.  If not, please allow me to introduce I AM A Brilliant Woman, volume 2!

VIP Launch Party & Book Signing!

Released June 27 on Amazon.ca, the book skyrocketed to INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER!  At the VIP Launch Party, each author had a few minutes to stand up and share why we wanted to be part of the book.  I'd love to share my reason with you here...

Why "A Brilliant Woman"?

This book is non-fictional; each chapter is a gut-wrenching experience the author mired through and survived.  Sharing our experiences in this way was both terrifying and wonderful.  Many of the authors are like myself, we've gone through many trials and tribulations but we don't talk about them often or openly.  Each of us has our reasons for this and for me, the experience I share in particular left me feeling ashamed and self-conscious, worrying that if someone knew what happened, they would judge me and deem me 'unworthy'.

When I was first asked to participate in this book, I needed to connect to my inner vibration and listen to what she had to say.  I had so many reasons not to write the book: what would my family think?  who wants to know anyway?  who am I to think I have anything important to share?  could I write it in a way that respected my family?

Through all the noise in my head though, my inner vibration quietly hummed 'yes, we want to do this'.  As I thought about it more and more, the quiet hum turned into a full on soul vibration and I knew that I had to do it.  Through the process of writing and editing my chapter, a far greater reason for writing my chapter became clear to me:

I wanted to share my story so that someone else going through the same thing would not feel as alone as I did.

Shame, guilt and fear aside, and even with the amazing people in my life at the time (my wonderful man included), going through my experiences was truly the most lonely walk I've ever gone through.

You Are Not Alone

I would so love for you to read the book, buy it for other amazing women in your life, and most importantly through our natural sisterhood of double X chromosomes, let others know they are not alone.  This journey of life is meant to be shared and if this book can let even one person know there is a soulsister on the path with them, then it is absolutely, wholly and truly, worth writing it.

Pick One Up Today.... Or Have It Signed By Me!

The books are on sale on Amazon.  Click here to be directed to the page.  All profits from Amazon sales go to buying more I AM A Brilliant Woman books for women in need.

If you would like a personally signed copy, from me to you, please contact me directly.  Books sold directly from me are $20 each; if you live in Calgary I will do my best to deliver it to you personally, otherwise, additional shipping charges may apply.  Let me know who to sign it to so I can inscribe each one with a personal note.

Amazing things happen when we stand for something greater than ourselves.  If you have a story to share and you'd like to be part of the next volume, please contact me so I may connect you with the author, Karen Klassen.

Thank you always for reading.  May you find joy in your very own beautiful, personal spaces.

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