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Recently I was reading through my copy of Canadian House and Home magazine and I came across an article talking about displaying art in the home.  More specifically, the article talked about the idea that you don't need to have gallery white walls in order to show off art.

The article was based on Gil Schafer III's new book, A Place To Call Home, but it got me thinking:

Does the average homeowner think that they need to have
stark white walls if they want to show off their art?

The Benefits of White Walls & Art...

One of the best reasons that galleries use white as a backdrop for the art displayed is that white is as neutral as it gets.  As galleries are constantly shifting their collections, they don't want to have to repaint every time a new collection arrives.  Moreover, a white backdrop lends absolutely nothing to the art displayed upon it, meaning the viewer sees the art and only the art.

Now one could argue that a black backdrop could achieve the same effect but that is not the case.  Black has strong beliefs, emotions and societal meanings tied to it.  Plus, black absorbs light, unlike white, which bounces it back.  If we were to paint a gallery room black (and sometimes they do), the room instantly has an entirely different feel.  Walking in creates a sense of foreboding or intrigue; the patron's senses are heightened, listening more carefully and sharpening their vision to catch things that may surprise them; and while the art certainly stands out against the black, the viewer is no longer 100% engaged with the art, but rather the feeling of the room around them.

White Walls & You...

When it comes to your home, there are so many more elements at play than simply displaying art.  Your home is a reflection of the soul(s) that live within it's walls and those souls are more than one dimensional.  Art is a way that you describe who you are, but it's only one way.  We also use wall colour, decor items, furniture style and placement, flooring, window treatments, lighting and space to help tell the story of who we are.  So while a gallery's only story is the art it is displaying, your home's story is a complex, full-bodied description of you.

That said, you may still be wondering how you can display art and really show it off (especially if it's an investment piece) without having to paint your wall white.  Truth is, there are so many different ways!

Your Art, Your Home...

I frequently work with clients who have collected valuable art over the years and now are moving into a new space.  In their previous home they either curated the art for specific spaces (like that niche in their hallway) or they may have been tethered in personalizing their space (like those living in a condo).  Regardless of the previous scenario, now they are looking at a space that is entirely different and they have a world of possibilities before them.  And you know as well as I do, sometimes more possibilities only makes for way more confusion.

When it comes to art and creating a stage to show it off on, the most important element to remember is the curator of the spaces and the pieces - and that is you.  You are the glue that truly pulls  it all together.  So what makes you happy?  And how can you layer that happiness onto your home?

How They Did It...

One of the best examples of someone who wanted a home to specifically show off their years of art collected was Ms. Social Spaces.  Moving from a condo into a gorgeous 1940's home, the primary agenda for this client was two fold: 

  1.  Create a warm, welcoming space to hold many social gatherings, from very intimate (2 or 3 people) to larger (upwards of 15 people).
  2.  Show off the original works of art she had collected from around the globe.

While Ms. Spaces was clear that she didn't like the colour the home was painted currently, she also did not want to have to paint white throughout her home so her art would stand out.  And though she wanted the walls to be bright enough to show off her art, she still wanted a warm feeling space.  So for this home, we used a soft, warm grey as her base colour, allowing light to bounce around, the art to stand on it's own and still feel cozy on the gloomiest of days.

Another example is Ms. Polished Living.  Her home was altogether different from Ms. Social Spaces and had more than one occupant.  Her art collection ranged from pieces she had inherited to original works of art she'd purchased on her own.  To pull all those elements together and still allow each piece of art to speak it's own voice seemed like a huge challenge.  For her home, we implemented a warm, creamy tan colour on her main floor, which brightened the main floor significantly, transitioning to her second floor with an outstanding, yet subtle, wallpaper.  Adding this transition point created a natural shift in perspective so her original art could stand on it's own on a separate floor.

Still Stuck?

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