Having Confidence In Your Inner Design Voice

Well it looks like the cycle of rain, thunderstorms and rain has finally given way to some much-needed sunshine in YYC this week!  If you were like a good portion of Calgary, you spent at least some time at the Stampede grounds last week checking out the sights, sounds, smells and shows!  And maybe you even tried a fried onion or two ;)

Yours truly was also down at the Stampede grounds and for the first time, I toured through the lottery showhome.  Normally there is such a massive line up and I can't be bothered to wait just to shuffle through like herded cattle and pop out the end without so much as a how do you do.  However, because of all the rain and schmutzy weather, the grounds weren't as busy this year and the line up was surprisingly short.  And, my best friend really wanted to tour the home.

If you didn't take the time to have a look, I can tell you that it's really quite lovely inside.  There are some definite upgrades, like the marble-topped desk space just off the kitchen, but in general the home was lovely, airy and most definitely on trend.

How This Relates To You...

The Stampede band tuba section having a little fun on the grounds last week... this is not the gold colour I'm talking about.

Touring through the home there is bold brassy gold all over, in the fixtures, the accessories, the artwork, which is an element that has been on trend and gaining ground for a few years now.  This is not the polished brass of yester year, this is quite a lovely finish (I snuck the camera out once or twice - shhh!!!).  The accent colors that run throughout are reminiscent of east coast vacation homes, keeping the shades light and fresh.

Gold chandeliers over the island...

The reason I want to talk about this at least to start, is because the overall decor of this home is quite different than most of what we have traditionally seen in homes.  The designer who put this house together (not me, btw) listened to her/his design voice and put elements together in a lovely, comfortable way.  And to be honest, I very rarely describe a showhome as 'comfortable'.

Here's how this relates to you:  Many of you have your own inner design voice (some may call it your 'design diva') but it's that voice in your head that pops up and says, 'wouldn't this be just lovely in the bedroom?'  Or, 'Oh!  We should swap out the fixture in the entry and put this beautiful piece in instead!'  Unfortunately, for most non-designers, that voice gets squelched with a swiftly followed thought of, 'It probably wouldn't look as good as I think.'  Or, 'I shouldn't spend the money on that.'  Or even, 'My [mother/husband/sister] would hate that.'

Listen Up!

 "What did you say?"

"What did you say?"

When that little voice pops up in your head when you see something lovely, listen to it carefully!  That's the voice that says, 'I like what we're looking at and I think it would look great!'  Whatever you're looking at has lit up one portion of your brain indicating pleasure and joy.  And I'm a firm believer in only bringing things into your home that bring pleasure and joy.

But Amy, what if it's my mom?

That's cool.  Does your mom live in your home?  Does she pay the bills, clean the house?  Is her name on the mortgage?  If not, then why worry about it?  A good friend of mine wanted so badly to renovate her home back in Manitoba and she had wonderful ideas of the style and design of the floorplan she thought would work awesome.  But, her mom put those ideas down as silly and generally a bad idea, causing my friend to feel crippled in her own home.  She finally asked me over for a consult and after going through the home and listening to what she thought she'd like to do, I told her to go for it!  Her aesthetic leaned toward country chic, with billowing white drapery, whitewashed cabinetry and an open plan living space.  And it totally suited her personality!

When You Don't Have Me To Validate Your Voice...

 Yes you can!

Yes you can!

In the case of my friend, her design dreams were validated because "a pro" had come to confirm she was on the right path.  That consultation gave her the confidence she needed to push forward and start implementing the airy, comfortable look she so desperately wanted.

I'm pretty good at being in a lot of places throughout the day but I can't be everywhere and not everyone wants to pay for my side-by-side services.  However, that doesn't mean that you don't already have what it takes to design YOUR home.  A word of caution on this, in the realm of "don't try this at home kids", I do suggest you hire a pro when you are doing larger scale changes or big dollar changes because if you DO do it wrong, it will cost a lot of time and money to correct it.  But changing out a light fixture?  Go for it!  Adding an accent pillow?  Toss that baby in there!

Don't Forget About Your Diamond Elite Benefits!

 You're as tough as diamonds baby and you were meant to SPARKLE!

You're as tough as diamonds baby and you were meant to SPARKLE!

As a Diamond Elite member, don't forget you have the option to Ask A Designer a design question!  Use that benefit to your greatest advantage.  And if you only need to ask so that the monkey in your head is shushed, ask away.

Comin' Up...

I've mentioned a few times previously that I'm working on something new to bring out to my clients and to you, my Diamond Elite Fam Jam.  What I've been working on so diligently is a webinar targeted directly to those of you doing DIY renovation projects.  This webinar is packed with:

  • Great information you can USE NOW to move your renovation ahead
  • Tips and examples from my own DIY project and other projects I've worked on
  • A handy worksheet to make notes and capture the information you're learning
  • DIY Renovation Blueprint - a guide book to help you know where you're going
  • Plus, a free gift to show you how you can make a few big impact changes for LESS THAN $200!

If you're interested, or know someone who could benefit, please email me for dates.  I'm still working out the details but it looks like mid-August will be the next one.

Oh yeah, and it's LIVE!  So you can send questions in at the end and I'll answer them as best I can.

Want To Work Together?

I'd love to work with you to help you create your very own beautiful, personal spaces and I have some time opening up very shortly!  If you're thinking about it, please give me a call or send me an email.

And don't forget, if you have a friend or loved one who's talking about it, the Referral Program pays you $$ for hooking us up!

Until then, enjoy the sunshine and do something good in the world today.

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