Exchanging Energy and Lifting Your Own - In Your Home!

Hands up if you've ever been energy vampired by someone

If you're not sure, here's an example:

You are feeling happy, positive and energetic, dancing along to the music in your head and generally having an awesome day!  Then you meet someone that sucks the life right out of you; perhaps they're always negative and are complaining about the market being down; maybe they are asking about things in your life and their commentary back consists of those backhanded compliments that sound like they should be nice but somehow make you feel like you're doing everything wrong; or maybe they're that super touchy person that always wants a hug or holds a handshake too long and you end up feeling like you want to run away even though they're generally a nice person.

If that sounds familiar, you've been energy vampired.  What you may not realize is that your home can have the same effect on you!  Typically we tend to notice the effects more when we walk into another's home that rubs against the grain of our energy.  Even if you don't know why you don't like being there, in your very core you know that you'd rather run away or meet somewhere else.

In our own homes, we may also have items or rooms that energy vampire us.  For me, it is items that contain memories of good times with a person but that relationship has soured.  Or it can also be a really messy room (dirt I can handle, mess I cannot).  If I walk into the bedroom later in the morning and my man was last to get up and he didn't bother to open the blind or make the bed, it is an instant energy drain on me.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

What To Do?

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do the eliminate or, at the very least, reduce those energy vampires in your home.  The first step is to IDENTIFY THEM.  If you have a partner or very good friend who can help you with that, be sure to engage their assistance.

For example, I had a picture in my office of two little ones that I dearly love and think the world of.  Unfortunately, my relationship with my friend (their mom) had deteriorated to nothing and I never was able to figure out why.  But I kept that picture in my office because I love those little ones so much!  Then one day, my amazing man saw me looking at that picture wistfully and without warning, I burst into tears.  Later that same day, after I had calmed and was already moved on to something else, he gently pointed out that my office should only have items in it that lift me up and while he understood how dear these little ones are to me, he said there was no point in keeping something in my office that brought my energy down, even when I didn't realize it.

Of course, he was right.

So I removed the image from my office and have placed it into another room that I don't frequent often but that is nearby so I can still look in on them from time to time.

What Are Your Energy Vampires?

Rather than sweep your whole home all at once, start room by room.  Begin in the room you spend the most time in or that gives you the most energy.  Take a hard look around and if there is something that suddenly twigs that sense of sadness or wistfulness in you, ask yourself why it does and, if it's related to a negative memory or experience, remove the item.  You don't have to throw or give it away but at the very least, put it in a keepsake box, somewhere that you can look in on it when you choose to.

Maybe it's a picture, maybe it's a statue or piece of memorabilia, perhaps it's a plant.  Whatever it is, take it out of your energy zone.

Bust Out The Garlic!

Ok, not actually (unless you love the smell) but after you've swept the space for those vampires, do freshen out the space.  Open a window for at least 15-20 minutes.  If you like, afterward you can burn a candle (scented or no) to add positive warmth back into the space.  This may sound really "woowoo" but trust me, it works.

If you are cleaning out several spaces at once, open the windows as you go from one space to the next and then light a candle in each space afterward.

Refill Your Tank...

So you've vamoosed your energy drains but now you might be feeling like the room is too neutral.  The next step is key:

Add energy boosting items back in!

Put in place pictures of loved ones or really great memories that lift you up, make you smile or even outright giggle.  If you had a statue or piece of memorabilia, put in a vase of fresh flowers.  It it was something large on the wall, start looking for something that really lifts you up.  Or, get creative and create your own photo montage of awesomeness!  Even something as simple as buying fun colored towels to start (or end) your day off on a positive note is a great move!

The idea here is to create subconscious reminders of the good times you've experienced.  Even when you don't realize it, when you see that item, even if only for a second as you're moving past, it instantly boosts your mood a little as it ques up that memory.  For instance, I have a picture in my office of my sister and I on my 31st birthday and it's totally silly but we have big smiles on our faces and I remember how much fun we were having.  Even seeing it in a flash if I'm grabbing my agenda brings a smile to my face.

A Little More Info...

If you are following the public blog also, I just released a post that is similar but gives you three specific tips on how to create a home that supports your positive energy.  Have a look here.

As always, keep your eyes open for more news and reviews.  Also, I am working on a very special offer only available to Diamond Elite members so stay tuned!!  Until then, have fun creating your very own beautiful, personal spaces!