Design Details - Pulling It All Together

The past few weeks has been incredibly busy in the Dutch Touch design office and it's been fantastic! I've had the sincere pleasure of working with a handful of amazing clients, each with their own desired outcome in mind. As always, when it rains it pours and this summer poured bathroom renovations. One project is now complete, finished about 2 weeks ago, and its occupants are enjoying a brand new space that truly works for their needs. 

However, today I'd like to discuss another bathroom that is just in its finishing stages. The homeowners are a fabulous couple, just recently empty-nesters. They've lived in their home for the last 17 years and have never done any improvements to the second floor bathroom. Now that the kids are on their own, the homeowners are looking to really update the space to better suit their needs and be more reflective of the style they'd like to live in. 

Determining Your Style

We've certainly talked about how to determine your style lots on this blog but here's how we determined what we were looking for on this project.  When I met with the clients for our initial design session, both the words they used to describe what they were looking for and the pictures they had as inspiration were of calm, bright spaces with pops of restful colour and elegant tile work.  Since the kids had flown the coop, the clients were now able to bring in an elegant design style that reflected their true desires.

Design Inspiration Road Map

The first key to executing a design plan is a road map.  In order to be sure we were all on the same page, I created two options for the clients showing slightly different options in each.  Here's the final decided plan in 3D:

Along The Way...

As with nearly every project, during execution, we've hit a few hiccups and challenges.  However, each challenge was met with a team ready to find a fantastic solution.  Original quartz not possible?  We found another quartz that looks nearly the same and absolutely spectacular!  Vanity design creating issues?  A visit to site with the contractor and myself clarified that indeed the original plan would work nicely and we could achieve the same storage and counter space I had initially suggested with the client.

Actually, I've Changed My Mind...

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This can happen from time to time.  As the project timeline stretched out from all the bumps along the way, the clients were getting antsy.  The original plan was to wait until all was complete and see the full final reveal to see the pendants and other details, but in the melee of construction, they decided they wanted to see the pendants before install.  As it turned out, one of the clients decided at that point that they did not like the look of the originally selected pendant.  Their feeling was that the style of the pendant did not suite the spa-like space we were creating.  The original light was exquisite - a mixed metal of gold & silver with a few crystals inside and beautiful scrolling metalwork as it's frame.  The style, while different from the bathroom, would truly elevate the overall space, bringing a unique look to a breathtaking space.

However, first and foremost is the client's satisfaction so back to the drawing board we went.

Back To The Drawing Board

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Now well-versed in the selection process, the clients knew how to communicate what they were looking for.  In short order we found a beautiful alternate that more closely resembled the overall look of the space and made both clients happy.  While it's styling is much simpler than the original, with a square opal glass and a small chrome ring for a design detail, it will still give fantastic light to the space.  It suits the spa look of the bathroom quite nicely, and while it does not add that spectacular pop of personality, it does look really tailored and clean.

Voice Your Concerns

One of the pivotal factors that is creating a space that is truly tailored to these clients is that they are comfortable voicing concerns if they have them.  If you hire a designer or contractor, or any service for that matter, remember YOU are the one who is being served, not the other way around.  At the end of the day, you pay hard-earned money to have someone help you and at no point should you give up your wishes and desires to aquiesce to the person you have hired. 

Let's Hear It!

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Until next time, enjoy the crisp fresh air of fall and the cozy warmth of your home...

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