A New Home Office Under $1000!

Some days working from home are inspired, fruitful and gratifying.  Some days, working from home is a grind, peppered with trips to the kitchen looking for "something", ending with, "Well, at least I showed up."

When I started my design business, I knew before I got to the 'real work', I needed to update the office space we had.  To say it was less than inspiring is being kind.  It was stuffed full of my guy's too-big desk, filing cabinets, stacks of books & magazines, probably some ski gear and painted a dull, primer white (did I mention it wasn't very inspiring?).  I am truly blessed to have this amazing man as my partner because he not only whole-heartedly supported my dream to start my own business, he helped me clean out and spruce up the office so I would feel happy to "go to work".  While the original plan was for us to share the office (I called it "our office"), in about three weeks it became 'my office/Amy's office'.  Don't worry - we made a beautiful space for him right next door.

When I started, I had very few dollars to craft a beautiful and inspiring space.  I did have, however, a fabulous desk donated by my sister-in-law who was movin' on up in the world (and had bought a new desk) and it came with wall shelves & a matching filing cabinet.  I had salvaged a chandelier from the j-o-b I had previously that had been improperly installed in a customer's home and fell out of the ceiling (the box I brought home was a jangled mess of crystals and wire).  My guy had an Ikea bookcase in the garage.  And I had a 2-drawer black filing cabinet that moved with me from Manitoba.

And I had time.

Now my home office is one of my favourite places to be!  We've done a more extensive reno in here during our whole home renovation but the filling stayed the same.

When You're Not A Designer...

Putting this room together wasn't easy, especially on the budget I had (or rather, didn't) and I found myself thinking this morning about other home offices.  We see these stunning spaces on Pinterest, in design mags, on tv shows but how do we put it all together?!  So I gave myself a design challenge!

The Challenge...

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Using this image as inspiration, I had to put together two home office design options on a budget of $1000.  Here were the parameters I set:

  1. Not to exceed $1000 (taxes & shipping not included)
  2. Designed for 8'x10' space
  3. Must be available through online searching (can purchase in store or order online)
  4. One paint colour only (allowed $60)
  5. Be able to function AS AN OFFICE

Home Office #1 - #girlboss

Bearing in mind the size of the office (only 8'x10'), I found an elegant desk and paired it with colourful elements, tying it all off with a few glam accents.

Home Office #2 - Happy Place

Taking a direct cue from my inspiration office, this office pulls in hits of pink and softens the bold colour with creamy walls, metallic finishes and natural wood.

The Details...

Each design option has two colour options listed.  The hue I prefer with the design is always listed first.  #girlboss totaled to $976.77; Happy Place came to $994.89 (neither includes taxes or shipping).

The other thing I wanted to do was limit the DIY requirements for this space.  So many spaces that we see 'on a budget' are stuffed full of time-consuming DIY projects.  They look amazing and definitely save you dollars but most people I know don't have extra time to spare to pull a space like this together in a week or two.

What's Your Favourite?

Granted, these spaces are designed with female clients in mind (sorry guys), however, guy or girl, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Which one is your favourite?  And if you want to see the items I collected in my search to pull it together, head over to Pinterest and check out my 'Home Office' board.  


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