Claiming Your Power!

2017 has already been a year of great growth and expansion for me personally.  I've been making peace with events that unfolded in years past and am releasing burdens I've been carrying for too long.  It's brought a newfound sense of freedom and bounce to my step and at the same time, I feel a little like a toddler learning what these things called feet are supposed to do.

Something really cool occurred in December, about 2 weeks before Christmas and I am now feeling fully ready to claim the awesomeness of what happened.  

Top 30 Interior Design Companies Calgary | Point 2 Homes | Dutch Touch Interiors

On December 8, 2016, Dutch Touch Interiors was listed as one of the

Top 30 Interior Design Companies in Calgary!

To be truthful, when I first received the notification I thought it might be spam but I did go and have a read and to my delightful surprise, I found that I had been listed among companies that I both know and admire and have great reputations themselves!  The honour of being listed among them (#14 nonetheless!) was both exciting and humbling and I needed to grow into accepting that honour.

You might be thinking that sounds strange - that I have to "grow into accepting that honour" but while I know my clients are happy and truly love their updates after we work together, to accept recognition on a broader scale can be a challenge if you're not ready for it.  Right now, you might be wondering what that has to do with your home, and design in particular, since I am typically sharing tips and information about those subjects.  Well, it's not only taken me a few months to accept the honour personally, it's also taken me some time to see how this lesson can be helpful to you.  And what I've determined is this:

Each one of us not only has the right, but also the responsibility, to claim our individual power.

Claim Your Power Supergirl | Dutch Touch Interiors

 And when that comes to your home, that means recognizing yourself for the amazing person you are and the unique style, personality and life you bring to the world.

Long before I began DTI, I saw what was happening in the design world and I kept thinking, 'These houses should show who the homeowner is, not who the designer is" and I seemed to be alone in that thinking.  We all want to make our mark in this world and for a designer, it can be most easily achieved by creating stunning interiors that show off our talents.  And just like you, we designers will have a personal bend on style, personality and life.  There are some fantastically successful designers who have crafted a name for themselves on a massive scale and I admire them for their hard work, determination and absolute tenacity in claiming their power.

But it doesn't just have to be their power.

You have within you the inherent knowledge of what you like, dislike and the energy you want to bring to the world.  As women, we tend to explore bringing that to the world in our fashion choices, men might bring it out more in the cars they drive or the career they've chosen, but what about the most personal of all spaces - your home?

This Is My House | Dutch Touch Interiors

When you walk into your home, do you feel you've claimed it as your own?  Can you see and hear your joie de vivre in each room and echoing down the halls?  Or do you see and hear caution, small touches that bring out your uniqueness but overlaid with broad strokes design from the previous owner or designer?

It may take you some time to grow into the knowing of who you are and find the courage to bring that out into the rooms in your home.  And even when you arrive at that point, you may not be sure how to start.  I mean, it's not like there's a recipe you can follow and after "10 Easy Steps" voila!  You have a home that is uniquely yours!

However, there is.  But the recipe is not on a card, it's not a blog post I can write for you, it's a process.  It's a process of discovery, questioning and revealing one piece at a time who you are, what is important to you and how you live.  That process is like a guided meditation - the first time you do it, you don't have a clue how to start so you Google for help and follow to the sound of an experienced guide's voice.

That's what I do.  I help you discover what you truly need and desire, work through the layers a bit at a time and take the journey with you to create a home that truly is about you.  I'm your design sherpa, someone who's been there before, made it back and bought the t-shirt.

Claim Your Power | Dutch Touch Interiors

Spring is coming on very soon.  What an amazing time to do some soul-searching and claim who you are, claim YOUR power and move boldly forward to bring that amazing soul into the world!

And if you need help, you can reach me here.

Gratitude Heart | Dutch Touch Interiors