Cheeky Design Month - Saucy Stylista!

Every now and again I get a crazy idea in my head and I decide to just run with it.  So when I came across an 'Agent Provocateur' blog post from a fellow designer in California, I knew I had to adapt a similar concept for you, the ever classy DTI readers!

As we launch headfirst into summer, I'm dedicating June to Cheeky Design ideas!  So buckle up because one week we'll even explore 'provocateur' ideas (which I have to say, was hilarious to research!).  

But first!!  Cue the fireworks because we're kicking off June with Saucy Style

What is Saucy Style you ask?

Oh I'm so glad you asked!!  When I think Saucy, I think loads of attitude, bold colours, decor and accessories that make you pause and say, 'huh', and in general, a style that shows this person is not afraid to show the world just who she is!

Here we go!

(Click the image to see the whole thing)

I'd love to hear from you - what Saucy idea is your favourite?  And are you ballsy enough to layer any of these ideas into your own home?  If so, tell us more in the comments below!

And if you'd love to bring a bit more Saucy 'tude into your home but you're not sure how, let us help!  In Calgary and area, contact us directly to book your personal design session.  A bit further away, check out our edesign packages, perfect for every style and most budgets!

No matter what, always remember:

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