New Stuff..... Old Stuff.... & Totally Awesome Stuff!

As a designer, I do my best to watch for upcoming trend items, new cool products on the market and insider tips on just where I can source the best finds for my clients.  And when I find them, I like to share them with you!  Here are two cool new items/sources I've found recently and a throwback oh, about 300 years, to a very awesome flooring meant to deafen sound - I'll explain more in a moment.  But first, here's the new stuff!

Removeable Wallpaper!

Yep, you read that right!  Removeable wallpaper!

With a vast range of prices and patterns, and the fact that it is removeable - some are even restickable! - this is a great option to explore if you're not sure you're ready to go whole hog on a pasted-in-place wallpaper. (Though I will remind you that most papers now on the market are removeable - be sure to check in advance of purchasing).  For a few more sources, click here.

Move Over IKEA....

Love the clean design lines of IKEA furniture but wanting to go past the it's-my-first-apartment style furniture?  Check this company out:

With a huge range of products from furniture (indoor and out), lighting, kitchenware and even detergents, Finnish Design Shop may become your new best friend!  Even offering corporate gifts and some super fun kids dishes in the Moomin characters (check them out here), this is a one stop shop for all things fun, clean and grown up!

Thought Hexagon Tiles Were New?!

On our (very) recent tour in Europe, my guy and I had the opportunity to tour Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna (and the attached Royal Carriage Museum!).  Standing for more than 300 years, this palace is dripping in stunning design details from the very moment you enter the gates.  What struck me right off the top was these hexagon wood tiles, set in place in the porte-cochère, meant to deafen the sound of the horses hooves as they entered.  Seriously?!  How cool is that?!

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We weren't allowed to take any pictures of the interior but one of my favourite #girlboss features was the bedroom of Maria Theresia of the Habsburgs.  She ruled the Austro-Hungarian empire after her father passed away and, having had 16 (!!!!) children, she had a very elegant suite and bed created so she could rule her empire while pregnant.  Talk about a lady with drive!!

Let's Get Social!

What of any of these are your favourite new thing?  What's your take on the forward-thinking Empress and her palace?  Connect with us on social media and tell us!  Or, leave a comment below!

As always, thank you for reading and please share this with someone else who may find it fun, informative or inspiring!

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