5 Super Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy, Creativity & Happiness!

Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, drinks on the patio and warm lazy evenings.  It can also be a tough season to stay focused and energized throughout the day when all you're doing is daydreaming about your next day at the beach.  Here's 5 super easy ways to boost your energy, charge up your creativity and elevate your happiness:

Drink Your Coffee!



While reading about 11 ways to boost creativity, I was so happy to read that drinking coffee is great for creativity!  I've been back and forth about reducing my coffee (though I only have one cup a day M-F) so I was happy to read that drinking coffee "increases our brain's production of dopamine, which gives us a feeling of reward and motivation when we start having good ideas."  Heck yeah it does!  So ditch the guilt and drink deep my friend!

Simplify .... Your Morning

Many many articles have referenced Steve Job's propensity for wearing the same shirt day in, day out.  Reason being: reducing the less important decisions he had to make in the morning allowed him to make better, more important decisions through the day.  I'm not saying to toss your wardrobe and replace it with monotone shirts; I'm suggesting you limit the decisions you do need to make in the morning.  Decide your outfit the night before, stay to a routine, and be ok with having the same breakfast every day.  Love your routine and you may find you're better able to #owntheday !

Colour Boost



Work from home?  Add a few pops of bold colour into your workspace to boost the energizing power of your room!  In my own office, I have hits of bright pink around the room - in the shelving brackets, two flower pots & a fuschia orchid.  When you break your eyes away from your screen (also a good idea every few minutes!), you'll be drawn to the colour and help your eyes and your mood all at once!

You Like To Move It, Move It

Part way through your day, get up and MOVE IT!  Work from home?  Get out and walk around the block!  Got a regular 9-5?  Print to the furthest printer from your desk, grab coffee one floor down or use your coffee break to step outside for 5 minutes.  Not only is physical movement great for your overall health, movement boosts your energy and reboots your brain, especially helpful if you're miring through a tough project.  Plus, getting outside means you're gaining vitamin D and we all know that's great for you!

Breath Deep..........

Any time at all, take three deep belly breaths through the nose.  When I say belly breath, think of pulling air right down to your belly button and let your tummy stick out (no judging here!).  Focus only on the movement of air past your nose, down your throat and into your lungs, imagining the energy of your breath expanding through your body.  As you release (breathe out), imagine your brain opening up and your thoughts releasing into the sky.  Breathing deeply helps calm your nerves, allowing yourself to release your thoughts helps clear your mind clutter and feeling the energy expand into your body helps return you to the present moment.

Are You Feeling Boostful?

Sometimes we just need a reminder to help us remember how awesome we're already doing!  If you're already doing all 5 of these, rock on!!  If not, try one out and whether you love it or not, just remember, you're already a rock star and no one else can come close to being as awesome at being YOU as you are!

One last super easy thing to do to help your productivity?  Put on some non-interruptive music in the background.  I always have a YouTube video playing (check out my YouTube channel for some of my favs); turn on the radio to CBC Radio 2 (I believe it has no commercials); or throw on your favourite playlist.  Keep the volume low, just high enough that you can hear it without straining, not loud enough that it distracts you.  I find that I am way more productive when I do this, I read faster and remember more and my creativity sparks unencumbered!


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Thank you always for reading!  May you follow your intuition and create your very own beautiful, personal spaces!

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