2017 - The Year of I AM!

While I’m writing this it’s kind of a gloomy day outside, which I am actually enjoying from inside my newly renovated office - hooray!  My bigger window means that I can see more of the world outside my home.  Most of you know that my sexy man and I have been busily renovating our house for nearly 18 months now and I am happy (though exhausted) to say that we are nearly complete.  It’s been a long haul, this renovation.  I thought I knew what I was getting into but having actually gone through this myself has given me an insight into how my clients feel on their worst days.  It’s certainly stressed both my guy and I out and it has definitely tested the mettle of our relationship.  Few things are more stressful to a couple than tearing their home apart and for my guy and I, we’ve been living and breathing this for a long time since we’re also doing all the work ourselves.  I am proud to tell you that I cut every single one of the tiles we needed for our upstairs shower, something I did not know how to do until this project!

2017 marks a new chapter for me.  Personally, I’ve been growing and expanding massively the past few months and part of the radio silence you may have noticed from me was due to that period of growth as well as a searching for how to better expand Dutch Touch Interiors this year.

My coach tells me this is a one year, the first year in a new nine year cycle.  If you’ve been experiencing pain, hardship and turbulence the past year, that’s because you were being prepared for a revival of sorts.  What that also means is that this year is a powerful year in charting a new course for our lives.  I’ve grown to realize that where I am presently is because that’s how I created it to be.  At first that frightened me, and honestly, made me a little angry.  And then I realized the massive potential that means I have!  If I am consciously in charge of creating my own reality, well then baby, let’s get to work!!!

I’ve been working on a few enhancements for DTI, including now carrying Liability insurance (both General & Professional), as well as clear and concise written contracts for all my projects (something I tested in 2016 and am now rolling out for all future projects).  Additionally, I’m adjusting the scope of the blog a bit this year to not only inspire your design diva, but also to inspire YOU.  This means we may get a bit more intimate from time to time but as I share what motivates and inspires me personally, hopefully you will draw positive energy from that and help create a more beautiful world.

The most exciting part of 2017 for me is what I’m calling the I AM.  2017 is the Year of I AM for me.  I am grateful.  I am powerful.  I am inspired.  I am brilliant.  I AM who creates my reality.  If this sounds a bit woo-woo to you, I hope you will trust the journey, stay tuned and if nothing else, learn some cool design tricks and trends for your home.  However, if you are ready, stand with me and declare “I AM” and let’s begin creating massive powerful positive change in this amazing world!

Brick By Brick

Give yourself 5 mins to watch this video.  *NSFW Alert* This video does contain a few adult words so if you’re watching with kids in the room or you're at work, headphones may be a good idea.

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