Colors of the Rainbow

Color - the decision to use it or avoid it is a considerable one when addressing our homes.  Some people embrace color fearlessly, regardless of current trends or accepted norms.  Others handle color as delicately as they would fine crystal - with kid gloves and only in special spots.  Designers, as a whole, generally are great lovers of color.  They know when to add little accents of color to make a room pop and when to dive right in and literally paint the walls in big, bold color.

To get us started on our journey let us walk through an exploration of color and maybe help you see it a little differently.  First, let's talk about my favorite color, blue.  Incidentally, this is also the most common favorite color.  One of the three primary colors, blue is a color of trust, responsibility and honesty - the color of truth.  Blue is reliable, it likes order and reduces stress.  Blue is a restful, relaxing color; it induces calm and peacefulness.  This is may be why you so often see blue in spas.  The color blue calls to mind oceans, bright skies, and warm, sunny days.

As in all colors, there are great varieties of blue one can achieve.  However blue, unlike many other colors, is the 'only color which maintains its own character in all its will always stay blue' 1.  That is to say, no matter what shade of blue you choose, while you may see hints of other tones underneath, the overall color will always show blue.

In Practice...

  Houzz  - Pineapple House Interior Design - Florida

Houzz - Pineapple House Interior Design - Florida

Soft blues create a calm oasis in this Miami guest room.  Adding a variety of tones, keeping them all soft and quiet, gives this room character.  The added touch of the blue on the inside face of the headboard helps ground the room.

  Houzz  - Huisstyling - The Netherlands

Houzz - Huisstyling - The Netherlands

This dining room in the Netherlands draws from grey blue on the walls to bright turquoise blues on the Scandinavian style dining chairs.  The light floors and the patterned sheers on the windows give this room life and breadth.

  Houzz  - Feldman Architecture Inc. - San Francisco

Houzz - Feldman Architecture Inc. - San Francisco

Feeling a little more bold?  Powder rooms are a fabulous place to have a lot of fun.  Big, bright patterns can give the smaller space depth and make it appear larger.  Besides, everyone needs to have at least one fun room!

  Houzz  - Decorating Den Interiors - Canada

Houzz - Decorating Den Interiors - Canada

Not ready to get married to blue just yet?  No worries.  For those who err on the side of caution, use blue as a great accent color in a neutral room.  This living area has a classical feel but is emboldened by the pops of blue throughout.  Vertical stripes on the drapery adds height to the room and a mixture of patterns in the cushions add visual interest.

Get Inspired...

Here are four of my favorite blues for a little inspiration.  Clockwise from top left:  Breath of Fresh Air #806 - Benjamin Moore; Sea Rover #540C-3 - Behr; Summer Club Blue #RL1790 - Ralph Lauren; Caribbean Azure #2059-20 - Benjamin Moore.

When choosing a color for your home, always go with your instinct.  If you are drawn to a color, there is probably a good reason why.  Still stuck?  A trick I picked up years ago is go to your closet, pick out your favorite item to wear, and use that color.  Why?  Because you likely look awesome in that color and your home should always reflect you!


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