1-2-3 Easy Refresh for Your Home!

Well there's no doubt spring is in the air!  My guy was out preparing our lawn for the fresh season and I've been chasing birds out of my tulip bed all week while those beauties sprout afresh.  Spring is often a time that we start to get antsy with our homes, wanting to update them or finally get to those projects we've been talking about all winter.  Sometimes, though, we don't need to do a full redesign to make our house feel renewed, sometimes you just need a few simple, high impact changes and you fall in love with your home again!

One of those changes can be as simple as new pillow covers for your toss cushions.  You can certainly head over to the nearest Pier 1 or Home Sense to see what their offering is, but what about having custom covers made for you?

A few weeks ago I was LIVE on Facebook talking about fabrics to help freshen up your home this spring and the feedback was amazing!  So this week I thought I'd give you an even deeper idea of how you can use some of this year's pop colours to really bring your home alive!

Green - Not Just For The Grass!

This year's Pantone colour of the year has shown up in various ways, through fabrics, furnishings, decorative pieces, and of course, paint.  Playing off the rich green, these fabrics are a great way to add a hit of this year's colour into your home.  You can stay in the deep, emerald side of this hue if you like the depth that it brings, or you can migrate over to the softer side of green with these patterned fabrics breaking up the colour with pinks and ivories.

Using them on cushions means you don't have to totally commit to the colour and you can play with them around your home as the seasons change.

I See Blue Skies Ahead!

Earlier this year I wrote about French Blue making a big splash on the design scene.  With it's softer hue, this colour is easy to incorporate into almost any home.  Because it is a softer colour, it shows really nicely in a printed or embroidered fabric and can be paired with other, bolder colours to create more visual drama.  If you're unsure about using patterns like these, remember you can always have just one or two cushions with the pattern layered over a solid coloured pillow to help ground the pattern.  Alternatively, consider doing one side of the pillow cover in the pattern and the other in the solid with a piping detail around the edge.  That way, if you want to calm the room with the solid, you can just turn the cushion around.

Think Pink!

I'll be honest - I am a serious lover of pink.  When I was young, it was all I would wear!  I still remember my matching pink sweatsuit - I was so proud of it!!  And my pink bike with the white tassels and wicker basket - I saw a lot of the world on those two wheels!!  Lucky for me, pink is still very much in fashion and with the variety of shades, this colour can work just about anywhere!  Joanne Fabrics, one of my most favourite fabric manufacturers, has a whole series of patterns, both bold and subtle to suit just about every desire.  Due to the versatility of this colour, pink is showing up in many patterns to add a touch of feminine or to brighten up a palette.  You can certainly use the softer pattern to liven up your sitting areas or, add a big bold punch of fun with the bright solids or textured patterns shown above.

Perfect Pairings...

To round out this post, here are a few ways you can pair a pattern with a complimentary solid.  You can have a full patterned cushion layered against a full solid cushion, or, as I mentioned previously, have your custom case made with one side patterned and the other solid.  My recommendation is that you do the piping in the pattern if the fabric allows just to add a little personality when the solid side is facing outward.


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