The Power of Pink!

Continuing in our color exploration, let's look at pink.  A color that is at once girly and strong, bright and calm, bubbly and powerful.  Often when we think of pink, we think of little girl's rooms.  In fact, that correlation has been so ingrained in us that for a time, pink virtually moved off the design field.  However, now it is coming back, roaring back into furniture and accessories and slowly staking it's place back into our interiors.

Historically, pink was not always a 'girly' color.  In fact, throughout history, pink was associated with strength, power and boldness.  So much so that little boys were dressed in pink, an off-shoot of red, which was worn by men.  Little girls, on the other hand, were dressed in blue, a color considered to be more calm, soft and delicate.  While there is no certain knowledge of when the shift occurs, some schools of thought believe it to have taken place in ancient China.  Pink dyes were readily available and thus inexpensive, whereas blue dyes where quite rare and difficult to come by.  Given the Chinese belief that men are to be more valued, blue was used to dye the clothes of sons and show the wealth of his family 1.

Moving forward to modern day, whether it stems from the Chinese practices or not, pink is now considered to be a feminine color.  To that end, as women have fought and nearly achieved equality, pink is now the flag color of powerful women everywhere.  We see it especially in sporting gear and fashion and are finally starting to see it develop into objects for our homes and finishes for our decor.

In Practice...

  Houzz  - Martha O'Hara Interiors - Austin, Texas

Houzz - Martha O'Hara Interiors - Austin, Texas

One of the big trends currently is the use of white.  Calling to mind Scandinavian homes where they often work at maximizing the light, white interiors are becoming very common.  To keep a home from looking too clinical, using bright colors adds fun and depth.  Shown above, using splashes of pink breathes life and fun into what could otherwise be a cold, clinical-looking space.

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