Simple, Chic, Inexpensive Tricks to Upgrade Your Home

A few weeks ago I was on a road trip back to Manitoba to help my family out for a week.  On the way, I stopped in to see my bestie in Regina and check out her new apartment.  While I was only there for about 10 hours, I snooped around (as besties usually do) and found a few particularly fantastic delights in her new home!

We all have a bestie that is uniquely suited to us individually and mine is no different.  She's fiesty and smart as hell; she keeps me in line when I'm getting cheeky and gives me a kick in the pants when I need it.  She has a truly unique design style and has an eye for putting things together with just a little inspiration from her Pinterest boards.  I asked her if she would allow me to share a few of the simple tricks she's implemented in her home with you and, wonderful soul that she is, she said yes! 

So here's four easy, inexpensive ways to add personality and luxe to your home, courtesy of my bestie:

Two-Timing Brushes!

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First I have to commend my friend for having truly spectacular make up brushes.  Even though I'm eight years older than her, she started wearing make up way before me so she tends to be more on point with the cool things of the day. 

To create this cool 'make up pot', she found an inexpensive glass bowl, filled it with a gritty sand, and stuck the brushes in.  Not only does this mean her brushes are neatly put away, they are easy to find and they make her bathroom look totally "designer". 

I am a huge advocate of organization so my little organizer's heart beats a little quicker to see this so tidy!  And, let's face it, it's probably much easier on the brushes than how we might otherwise store them (in a pouch or box).

Glass House

I'm certain you've seen many versions of a cake/dessert dish but this one was so perfectly sized for apartment/condo living I had to share.  Also, if you don't have 4+ dessert-loving people living in your home, you can keep smaller batches fresh for longer.

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I've Been Framed!!

By far my favourite of the details my bestie had added, this one is not only practical, it literally looks like a piece of art.  And it's relatively simple to create!  Just find a really cool frame you love (you can always take a piece of art you can't stand out of a frame you love!) and swing by your local fabric store to find a small piece of lace, whatever color or style of your choosing.  Then you simply attach the lace to the back of the frame and voila! Instant masterpiece!

Now you get to have fun arranging your earrings on that pretty backdrop!  As you can see from my friend, she has a whole collection of different styles and lengths and she's even snuck a few studs in there.

Here's What We Learned Today Kids...

The biggest take away, even if these particular ideas don't inspire you, is that with relatively simple, inexpensive, every day items, you can add pops of style and personality throughout your home, no matter the size of your home or budget.

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Thanks for reading and if you have questions or your own designer tips, please leave them in the comments below :D  I love to hear from you and we all know, two heads are better than one!

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