Interior Design Calgary: Let's Talk About Money Baby!

Happy rainy Monday to you as we start off the week with a drizzly day here in YYC.  Stampede is in full swing and I'm sure the drizzle is having no effect on the party and fun going on at the Stampede park.

My business coach calls Mondays "Money Monday" in his office.  What a great way to start the week!  So in the spirit of 'Money Monday', let's chat about money in relation to your home and renovation projects.

Do We Have To Talk About Budget AGAIN?

Yup, the first thing to talk about when we're chatting money is our favourite six-letter word BUDGET.  Nobody likes to talk about it but everyone is restricted by it.  Even multi-millionaires have budgets.  And for good reason!  Having a reasonable budget allows you to make swifter and better decisions, and more importantly, gives you room to breathe after your renovation is complete since you planned for how much you'd spend and executed within that.

How Does My Budget Make The Renovation Faster & Easier?

When you have a set dollar amount, your decisions are based against that.  For example, on a bathroom renovation I am working on currently, we have a very slim budget and a few specific life requirements of the space.  Taking into account both of those factors, we still want a final product that looks good and will help raise the value of the home.  However, a slim budget means that we can't go crazy on fancy materials.  Part of my job for my client is to find materials that not only suit the budget, but also look great.  Contrary to what you may think, you don't need to spend buckets of cash to get a great looking space.  And, because I knew ahead of time what our budget was, I could quickly discount products or materials that were out of line.

Additionally, the slim budget also means that we need to be careful on who we select to do the work.  We still want quality work and craftsmanship but if we have an estimate that comes in $5-6000 or more over budget, we know that no matter the skill represented, we cannot go that route.  Luckily, I have developed good relationships with a few great companies and with a little tweaking, we can find a contractor that can help us, stay on budget, and deliver a great final result.

When I Have More Money...

Every single one of us falls into the trap of "when I have more money I'll..."  When I have more money I'll hire out someone to cut the grass.  When I have more money I'll buy my new car that I've been dreaming on for two years.  When I have more money I'll take my guy to Europe for four weeks.  These are definite wants that roll through my head.

Many clients that I work with fall into the "when I have more money" trap when talking about their home.  You would be surprised at the big impact changes you can make to your home without needing to wait for a windfall.  If you have even $100 and a couple days of time, you can make massive changes to your home!  Before you find yourself falling into the "when I have more money" trap while contemplating a renovation, give me a call and let's see what is possibly with the money you have NOW.  A great example of this is my Mom's kitchen.  For years I heard "when I have more money I want to redo the kitchen..."  Finally reaching a point where she had some room to wiggle, her concern was how we were going to possibly do a whole kitchen for the amount that she had versus the amount she had heard she'd need.  We did multiple redesigns to not only achieve the look she wanted but also find a solution that met her financial restrictions and with a lot of elbow grease, she has a stunning new kitchen that makes her happy every time she walks in and wows her friends and clients!

Adjusting My Mind Around Money...

As I learn and grow and I continue to expand my business, I seek out information and personal growth continually.  There are a number of places and people through whom I find this information and personal growth but one of them is Jack Canfield.  Here is a link to Jack's blog about how to Develop a Positive Money Consciousness.  One thing that I am definitely learning is that our mind is our most powerful tool and sometimes our strongest obstacle to achieving what we want in our lives.  If you find yourself having negative thoughts and feelings around money, have a read and start seeking out ways you can move over from "there never seems to be enough" to "Look at the abundance I am creating in my life!".

Growing Forward...

The whole reason I began Dutch Touch is to help homeowners create truly personal homes they love.  If you need help or are thinking of doing a renovation or even a touch up, please contact me today to see how we can work together to create your very own beautiful, personal spaces.

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