Interior Design Calgary: Funny Stories from the DIY World

Well you haven't heard from me for a whole month now!  I've been immersed in our own DIY reno these last few weeks and am happy to report we are making progress.  I'm tagged out on the reno front for a few days while my guy finishes hooking up things like the dishwasher (yay!), sink and countertops.  Which means, I'm here to share some fun stories with you!

When thinking back over the many renovations I've worked on and in, there are definitely some gigglers.  Here's the best of the memories:

#3 : "You're sure you didn't turn the breaker back on?"

A few years ago I was doing some in between work and was helping wire in some new electrical plugs.  Easy enough, I'd been instructed how to do them and they were fairly straightforward.  I had successfully put a few in the day before and was back the next morning to put the last of them in.  After having checked THREE TIMES with my boss that yes, the breaker was off, yes, he was sure it was still of, yep, he had NOT turned it back on the night before, I went to work.

I had myself all set up, tools at the ready, all prepared to install these last few and move on with the project when I clipped into the wires in question and


I felt a jolt rocket up my arm and through my body like I don't think I've ever felt before, saw a flash of light where the wires were and a small puff of smoke rising when my sense returned.  I took a look at my cutting pliers - I HAD BLOWN A HOLE RIGHT THROUGH THEM!!  I marched back downstairs to where my boss was working and said, "I thought you said the breaker was off!"  He responded, "Well I thought it was.  Didn't you double check?"  I quite heatedly responded, "No!  When I asked you three times and three times you confirmed you had NOT turned the breaker back on, I figured I was safe!!!"

Well, lesson learned.  Always triple check or have your boss cut the first wire.

#2 :  "Doodle!  Doodle!  Doodle!"

You may remember back over New Year's, my guy and I headed east to help completely gut and remake my Mom's kitchen (if you haven't yet, scoot over here to read part 1, here to read part 2, and here to see the final reveal!).  Very thankfully, it was not just my guy and I doing the work but also full time help from Mom and my sis, with a power push at the end from my bro.  So we're on day 7, having worked the 6 days prior from about 8AM until 11PM or midnight and stress was starting to mount as it seemed to take forever to get through what seemed like simple tasks.  My sis and I are busy wiring the undercabinet lighting - not a fun job since you are either bent over backward like you're going under a limbo pole or you're pretzeled in the most ridiculous fashion in order to reach the bottom of the cabinets AND see what you're doing AND do what you're doing with relative accuracy.....


So there we are bent over like spaghetti noodles trying to finangle the lighting into place and, after several attempts and no luck whatsoever, my frazzled sis vents out this stream of expletives such that would put the most vulgar pirate to shame.  Completely understanding how she felt, we both kept working through this stream until our Mom came rushing into the kitchen shouting, "DOODLE!  DOODLE!  DOODLE!  DOODLE!!"  You see, in Mom's attempt to replace any stray four-letter words her kids might utter, she would shout, "DOODLE!" anytime one slipped out.

Well, the ridiculousness of the situation was not lost on us and the three of us collapsed in fits of laughter, invariably easing the tension of the current project and setting my sis and I back into a more positive frame of mind to complete our task.

#1 :  "Why are YOU crying?" "Because you punched me in the nuts!"

During another long tedious day of renovations at the Dutch Touch headquarters, ie. our house, my man was up on a ladder putting drywall tape and mud over the sections of ceiling we had had to patch.  Now, if you haven't ever done any serious mudding work, you may not know that it can be a stressful and messy job for amateurs, one that may even require an assistant to help out, depending on the location of the fix.  Well in our house, our back landing sits two steps lower than the main floor, thus the ceiling is that much further above where one would be standing in order to fix it.

So my guy is straddling the ladder (this one has rungs on both sides), mudding spatula in one hand, mudding tray in the other and suddenly found himself with mud all over his hand and looking for somewhere to wipe it off.  Previous to this, I had popped two paper towels in his back pockets for easy access should such a situation arise.  If you can picture this:

I'm standing on the regular floor waiting to help as needed; my guy is standing on a ladder who's feet are two steps lower than where my feet would be; and suddenly my man is looking for somewhere to wipe his hand.  I, quite helpfully, step forward to say, "Here let me grab the one out of your back pocket" not realizing I had stepped off the floor onto the stair and in my downward motion, missed the paper towel and smashed the crap out of the fleshy part of my underarm on the pinnacle of the ladder.  I fell backwards in extreme pain, having jarred my shoulder quite badly as well as slammed my arm into a very hard, very not-moving ladder.  As I recoiled, I heard my guy shout in pain and, clutching my poor arm with my other hand while tears welled up from the pain, I looked up to see him also doubled over in pain!

Through my tears, and a little hysterical laughter at my own stupidity, I ask what his problem was!  After all, I was the one who'd smashed the heck out of my arm!!  And he, equally painfully and with no small amount of tears or laughter on his part also, responded, "YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE NUTS!!"

Well, you can imagine the two of us, him trying not to fall off the ladder, me trying not to fall down the stairs (again) crying and laughing as he explained that in my stepping forward to help (which he did NOT appreciate properly by the way), I not only missed the step and came crashing down, on my way down, because I had been near his back pocket, I had quite soundly smashed my falling hand into an area that we all know does not take kindly to aggressive action.

We did manage to recover enough and finish the job but while he was feeling all better by later that same day, I had a bruise on my arm that easily measured 3" across and was every colour of the rainbow for WEEKS!!

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