Interior Design Calgary: DIY Kitchen REVEAL!

It's been a few weeks now but finally, that big kitchen renovation that we undertook in only 8 DAYS has had it's final steps completed: the countertop & backsplash.  While the reorganization of the kitchen continues (Mom is so excited with her new drawer system!), I am finally able to reveal to you the final look.

Oo la la!

After careful and at times, painful, deliberation, Mom decided to implement a soft butter yellow to complement the warm tones in the cabinetry and to achieve the warm, bright kitchen she'd always dreamed of.  To keep the sightline uncluttered and to make the kitchen look larger, we opted not to put up corner cabinets that would encroach on the window.  Instead, we ran a straight run right to the end wall and now the kitchen not only looks larger, but also more airy as the window has room around it to 'breathe'.

Simple details, like running the backsplash edge at the same level as the base of the upper cabinets, hold the clean lines of the newly designed kitchen allowing the details like the two-tone cabinetry and the extra long subway tiles to really shine.  (Pardon the egg cartons on top of the fridge.  Yours truly forgot to remove those ;P )

In order to incorporate an unfortunately placed light switch and phone jack, we extended the backsplash tile to the patio door frame, carrying the line across.  You can see in this image the brick lay pattern to the simple white 4x16 tile which adds a nice little bit of detail to our kitchen.

Getting Organized...

After all is said and done and the last face plate is screwed into place, the next big job is to stock the kitchen again.  This is not a small job and requires some thought of how you'll use your kitchen.  In this case, we specifically designed the kitchen in such a way that the storage around key work areas support the functions of that area.  Big, deep drawers bookend the stove to store pots, pans and cooking utensils.  Tall, glass cabinets are underpinned by medium-depth drawers to allow coffee cups and coffee grinds to be stored above and below each other with an electrical plug in between for the coffee machine.  Key design details like these make the kitchen function optimally for all who use it.

Want to Know More?

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