Interior Design Calgary: Design Sneak Peak!

One of our projects is so near completion I'm practically vibrating with excitement to show it to all of you!!  But, until it's complete and properly photographed, I will simply tease you with one of the design details that were put in place last week.

Among several changes, tweaks and props we implemented in this home, we added a few specialty electrical touches.  Quite possibly the coolest are these:

  legrande  Adorne collection - Custom Wallplate

legrande Adorne collection - Custom Wallplate

Customizable wallplates from legrande.  These babies can take wallpaper, fabric, paint, or anything else you can adhere to them.  Definitely a little more costly than your standard electrician's wallplate, these can be finished so they really pop or so they blend right into the wall.  In this case, we did a little of both.  The plate pictured above fades into the gorgeous Joanne Fabrics wallpaper we installed up the stairwell.  The plate pictured below ties into the custom drapery we added with a cut of fabric neatly installed onto the wallplate.

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I won't lie - the wallpaper is WAY easier than the fabric to install.  And while you may see little imperfections up close, when you stand back it looks virtually flawless and absolutely gorgeous!  An investment well-worth making, the homeowner is as delighted by these finishing details as I was!

Taking It Home...

While I do recommend having a certified electrician install all electrical items in your home, if you do ask one to install these beauties in your home be sure they have ample time to familiarize themselves with the components.  The switches are slightly larger than normal and while they do fit into standard sized electrical boxes, they require a talented electrician to pop them in there.  If you need a recommendation or two, connect with me and I'll be happy to introduce you!

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