DIY Renovation Planning

Something big is happening in my world.  Our house is about to go on an adventure.  One that it will surely not come out on the other side of in the same state.  One that will change it's entire being.  One that will.....

Ok, perhaps I'm being a little dramatic (maybe too much sun today??).  However, something big IS happening in my world!  We are embarking on our very own home renovation!  And one that would have most homeowners running for the hills screaming with their kids, pets and belongings in tow.  Pick a surface, choose a room, select a corner - it's getting revamped.  Both floors.  Our home has been a project in the wings waiting for it's time to shine and finally, after much patience and occasional frustration, our home is now out of the wings and front and centre - HOORAY!!!

So you, oh lucky you, will (hopefully) benefit from our (mis)adventures as my partner and I work our way through this endeavor together.  Hand in hand, hammer and, well, skill saw, we are steadily replacing every window, most pieces of drywall, an entire kitchen, two bathrooms, two levels of flooring, most light fixtures, paint, finishing touches and every piece in between.

So naturally our first order of business: hide in the basement and watch movies.  Ahhhh.......

Second order of business, remind ourselves we are adults and that it's best to face this kind of project head on, guns blazing and ready to rock and roll!!  Lucky for my partner, he has an interior designer as HIS partner!  Isn't he a lucky guy?  And know what designers like best??


Or, more specifically, a detailed timeline of the projects ahead so we can ensure we select and order materials on time, we know what to prep for next AND, especially for those of us who work from home, what poor area of our home is about to be torn to shreds.  For the record, I am least excited about my office.  I just love it so much!

So how do you start?

To start, sit down with all members of your household and make a detailed list of all the projects that need to happen.  Start with the big ones (eg. renovate kitchen, redo main bathroom, paint bedroom) and then break them out into more detailed subsections (eg. renovate kitchen - select materials, order materials, demo existing cabinetry, patch drywall, adjust flooring as needed, pick up materials, assemble cabinet boxes, install, assemble doors, install, have countertop templated....etc).  Take all that information, and create a timeline.  Here is an example of our first 4-5 months:

Be sure to list exterior and interior projects on different lines as exterior projects largely depend on weather.  Add approximate finish dates (or start dates, whichever works better for you) to each item, post that baby somewhere where you see it all the time (helps keep you motivated) and get started!

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