DIY Renovation: Displaced Person Week ie. Bedroom Reno

In our ongoing renovation, we are having quite the time navigating around.  This past week we (finally) finished stage 1 of our principal bedroom reno.  Unexpected to me was how lost and displaced I would feel during this stage of work!  I found myself wandering all over the house on any given day searching for all the items of clothes I needed to be decently dressed.  My skivvies were in the laundry room, my socks in the basement, my t-shirts in the living room, sports bras and the like in our spare upstairs bedroom, jeans in the office....... it seriously took me upwards of 6 minutes to get dressed some days!  And I got in some cardio!

However, I also learned a valuable lesson that will prepare me for the next two big projects on our list:

When installing IKEA furniture, read it five times, install once, come with a bucket of patience and some good tunes.

As part of our principal bedroom reno ('principal' because there's both a he AND a she that sleep there), we decided to take down the closet originally built in and erect a double unit IKEA closet.  Until now, my lucky man has had his clothes in our room but my clothes were around the corner in the next bedroom.  <sigh> Not ideal for this lady.  So, back to our IKEA lessons, when researching, purchasing and installing their furniture here's what I learned:

  1. Read the instructions VERY carefully  -  I'm good with reading instructions and I follow them (reasonably) close to the letter.  However, I had the sides to the first closet unit lying differently on the floor than in the drawing which later led to about 15 minutes of confusion and the need to take out and reinstall the hardware on one side.
  2. Install WITH HELP  -  I am all for Doing It mYself..... until the units in question are too large for me to handle on my own.  We opted for 90" high units so each side is indeed 90".  To prevent the sides from breaking as I struggled it into place alone, I enlisted my very handy and strong guy to give me a hand.
  3. Come early and bring patience  -  Inevitably, no matter how carefully you read or follow instructions, somewhere along the line you'll reach a point where you need to take a big scoop of patience water and have a big drink.  Because everything is relatively precise (and I'm a bit of a perfectionist), it takes time to put things together and when they don't work well the first time, take a second big drink and correct the issue.  Be patient, not just with the item you're putting together, but also with yourself and especially with any helpers you have.
  4. Have a song in your heart  -  or.... on your stereo/iPod/phone/etc.  If you walk onto any construction site, likely anywhere in the world, you'll find there's a radio playing.  In part this is to entertain the workers' brains when they're doing repetitive work but also, music helps keep you happy. Case in point, having a good song playing while I'm stewing over how to put piece X together with unit Y keeps my spirit positive and refills the patience bucket (from which I had made many withdrawals).

The (Mostly) Finished Product...

Several hours, one blood blistered finger, and a few curse words later, the closets were finished, save for the handles.

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