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...beautiful, personal spaces are created by listening.


At our initial consultation, and throughout the process of creating your personal home, we ask a ton of questions to gain valuable insight about you and your family as well as your home.  We spend a lot of time listening so that when we help you begin the process, we are instilling YOUR needs and desires into your home, not ours.

Please take some time and browse a few of our past projects where we listened to homeowners cares, concerns and desires and helped them create their personal oasis.  As each project was completed, our clients became happier spending time at home and showing their oasis off for family and friends.  No project too big or too small; if you're not happy with it, let's work together to make it better!

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Interior Design Calgary Product Samples

Residential Interior Design

We love residential interior design because we love getting to know our clients!!  And we love helping you take a smattering of samples, like those shown above, and creating amazing spaces, like those shown below.  Please take a look at our work below and see how we've helped other homeowners create great spaces by blending our interior design and home decor knowledge and their personalities into a truly personal home.

4months before Dutch Touch Interiors was even breathed into existance, I was having dinner with this friend-would-be-client and she informed me that when I started on my own, she'd be the first to hire me.  And she was!

Since then, we've worked together to create a truly "polished" home, a word she uses to describe her home after the changes we implemented. 

We began on the main floor, our mandate to update the boring backsplash, and add a few elements of polish throughout with custom valances and drapery as well as some new lighting fixtures.  Our "plan for the future" included replacing the tile on the main floor, adding a few other design elements like wallpaper and replacing the tile around the fireplace.  As it turned out, our "future" was more immediate than either of us had thought, having found a fantastic tile for the fireplace well within budget as well as an even better deal on the floor tile.  We added those elements into the mix about a year sooner than originally planned.

As the backsplash was being replaced, I suggested to my client that perhaps we add undercabinet lighting while we had the wall exposed.  I had heard my client frustrated because she and the other occupants of the home couldn't really see what they were doing if they were working on the counters on the perimeter because all the lighting sources were behind them.  The best way to correct that was to add discreet lighting underneath the cabinets.  So we did.

As the changes were taking place, we knew we'd ultimately need to repaint and had selected colours in anticipation, and after the tile on the main floor was replaced, the old wall colour was so out of alignment with the rest of the home, we engaged a painter to come and help refresh that as well.  We also added a few pops of wallpaper along the stairwell and in the principal bedroom to add a bit more depth and finish to those spaces.

Finishing touches included a custom Dutch Touch Interiors vase added into the principal bedroom to help ground and liven up a dark corner, new lamps on either side of the bed, a beautiful new tailored lamp in the second floor sitting area, a few custom toss pillows to tie in the valance on the main floor and a new entertainment stand that my client had ordered before we even began that really helped pull the second floor sitting area together.

The result?

A home that brings together all the elements my client wanted - a warm place to entertain her friends and family, a brighter and lighter feeling interior, a home who's design elements pleased everyone living within it's walls, and all within budget.



Modern meets Classic


In this whole home renovation, the client wanted to incorporate classic pieces from their previous home with modern finishes to update the new home.  An elegant color palette, fresh, natural materials and an eye for classically modern design details, this home went from 'O.K.' to 'Oh Wow'!

Interior Design Calgary Kitchen Renovation
Interior Design Calgary Powder Room
Interior Design Calgary Ensuite Custom Vanity
Interior Design Calgary Master Bedroom Wallpaper
Interior Design Calgary Master Bedroom Wallpaper Custom Bedding

An artist's residence gets a little revival


Home to an internationally known artist and her family, this builder home needed some serious personality.  Working with the bold colors used in the artist's own work, we brought this home to life.  New drapery; fresh, custom accents, such as the bedding, toss pillows and rug; and some help from the artist's own collection brought life and vitality to this previously "brown" home.

Interior Design Calgary Living Room Custom Drapery and Pillows
Interior Design Calgary Living Room Custom Drapery
Interior Design Calgary Master Bedroom Custom Drapery
Interior Design Calgary Master Bedroom Custom Headboard

A touch of glamour


This 1960's-built home was looking and feeling rather dated.  The client wanted some glitz and glamour while staying on budget.  To suit, we added a pop of red in the living areas, custom drapery to add elegance, and went to town on the principle bedroom.  The result?  A home that spoke of the true, bold nature of the client with a cozy, hotel-feel bedroom to cuddle in to.

Interior Design Calgary Red Living Room
Interior Design Calgary Living Room Custom Scroll Drapery
Interior Design Calgary Master Bedroom Floral Wallpaper

A little fix-me-up in the deep south


Our very first project in Alberta, this home was in great shape.  The homeowner wanted to balance out the custom built-ins in the living room and add a little texture.  We used a beautifully variegated ledgerstone to accomplish our task.

Interior Design Calgary Living Room Fireplace Surround

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Office renovation project.